Pomegranate Tree Remedy for Getting Money

The parts of Pomegranate Tree or the Anar Ka Ped are widely used in various Indian Paranormal Tantric Remedies, the most common one being the use of its wood as a writing instrument in the preparation of numerous Yantras. The Pomegranate Tree also has a special place in Vanaspati Tantra.  In this post, I have described an interesting paranormal remedy, which is said to attract the Money and Finance, which is needed to construct a House on a Plot of Land, which has been purchased by the practitioner. This remedy is also relevant and useful for the followers of Vastu Shastra.

Tantra Shastra believes that planting the Pomegranate Tree is extremely auspicious for attracting Money because of the belief that this tree has the blessings of Laxmi Mata, the Hindu Goddess of Money, Wealth and Prosperity.

A specific Upay or remedy for attracting auspiciousness and Money in the direction of a Plot of Land is to plant the Pomegranate Tree in the Shukla Paksha, during the specific period of the Hasta Nakshatra, which is the constellation Delta Corvi. The Shukla Paksha is the bright fortnight of the Hindu Lunar Month and the specific period has to be calculated as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar. This specific period is considered the most auspicious period, which will attract Laxmi [Money] in the direction of the Plot of Land.

This simple remedy is considered useful for those people who have purchased a Plot of Land but are short of the Money, which is needed to construct a Bungalow or a Farm House on the Land.

The same remedy is also useful for business persons who have purchased land for business purposes, like setting up a factory, workshop or storage facility but are lacking in the financial resources, which are required for that purpose.

The planting of Pomegranate Tree during the period mention above is said to attract Money, which is essential to develop the land for any of the purposes mentioned above.


  1. Respected sir,
    In which direction the tree should be planted , E ,W , N or S? Back or front of the house?

    Thank you so much .

    1. The specific direction has not been indicated, which means the tree can be planted anywhere on the plot of land.

  2. Sir,
    Please post some effective & potent mantras of Lord Brahma & Guru Gorakhnathji. Rarely do we come across their mantras & puja prayogs.


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