Mantra for Child Refusing to Be Breastfeed

The wordings and pronunciations of this Shabar Mantra might not make any kind of sense to most people, however, as per the Shabar Tantra Vidya; this is a Healing Spell for making an infant drink breast milk. This Shabar Mantra is said to be useful in making an infant who is refusing or cries,  hates and avoids to drink the breast milk of his mother do so.

This Shabar Healing Mantra does not have any kind of Siddhi process attached to it and can be put to practical use by the nursing  mother of the child who is refusing to be breastfeed. The mother of the child should take some fresh and clean drinking water in a cup or metal utensil, hold the utensil in her right hand and chant the Mantra given in this post and then blow her breath over the water in the utensil. This will infuse the water with the power of the Shabar Mantra this entire procedure should be done three times in all.

After this, the nursing mother should wash her face with the Mantra infused water and apply a little bit of the water on her navel and was both her breasts with the healing water.  This as per the Tantra concludes the Mantra Experiment to make a child drink the breast milk of its mother.

आंदूनी कांदूनी कुल तोरे बासा, पोरेरे छेले कांदिए कोरियाछो तमासा, नाक काटवो, चूल काटवो,  बेचिबो वालो कि यार हाटे न कांदो चूप कोरे थाको, भावेर किले लो कोरे थाको माहादेवेर बोलेकार दोहाई माहादेवेर दोहाई ||
Aamdooni Kaamdooni Kul Tore Baasaa, Porere Chhele Kaamdiae Koriyaachho Tamaasaa, Naak Kaatavo, Chool Kaatvo, Bechibo Vaalo Ki Yaar Haate Na Kaamdo Choop Kore Thaako, Bhaaver Kile Lo Kore Thaako Mahaadever Bolekaar Dohai Mahaadever Dohai ||

Note- This information is contained in the Shabar Vidya Tantra, I am not in a position to guarantee its success, whether to put it to practical use is left entirely to the good sense of the reader.


  1. what is the shabar mantra for crying children at night time,please publish.

  2. Hello Neelji
    Do we have to chant the mantra 3 times and then use infused water bringing the entire procedure to an end or do we have to chant the mantra just 1 time, use the infused water and repeat this process 2 more times separately? Please advise.

    1. The water has to be infused by chanting the Mantra and blowing the breath over the water, this should be done 3 times in a row and then the procedure given in the post has to be followed.

  3. Sir , please help on me if any mantra for kid refusing eat most of the times ?


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