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Venus Mantra for Material Wealth and Luxuries

Apart from Love and Romance, the Planet Venus also symbolizes material wealth and luxuries. Astrology attached great importance to the strength of Venus in the horoscope of an individual to determine whether he or she will enjoy material wealth. There are numerous Mantra, Yantra, Lal Kitab and Astrological Remedies to enjoy the beneficial effect of Venus. The Mantra Experiment to enjoy material wealth described in the post by Ashok Mehta is a most powerful and effective remedy to attract the beneficial vibrations of Venus.

By Ashok Mehta
This is a very simple and easy to practice Shukra Graha [the Planet Venus] Mantra Experiment for getting all kinds of material wealth like house, cars, mobiles, clothes, luxurious articles, etc.

The Venus Mantra Experiment for Material Wealth is as follows-
Commence the Mantra Sadhana on the night of any Friday on any auspicious Hindu Tithi.
At first do mental worship of Lord Ganesha.
Use a  Rudraksh Japa Mala for the purpose of counting the number of Mantra Chants. The Mantra Siddhi [Mastery over the Mantra]is attained by chanting the Shukra Mantra 1 lakh times within 40 days.
Sit facing north or west direction while chanting the Mantra,
These are the only rules or regulations, which are to be followed.

Dhyan and Viniyoga for Venus Mantra Chant
Dhyan and Viniyoga for Shukra Mantra

Hindu Venus Mantra Chant for Material Wealth and Luxuries
Shukra Mantra for Luxuries

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  1. Thank you for the post sir,anyone can chant this mantra or only persons who has Venus as their ruling planet?

    1. Sir i have completed 11days of sarva srestha maha laxmi mantr by avoiding non veg and smoking and maintaing bharamacharya,now daily i have chant this mantra not less thank 5 times na sir,even these normal days also i have manintain bharamacharya and avoid non veg and smoking sir?

    2. Brahmacharya is not necessary bit you have to avoid smoking, drinking, etc.

  2. wowww...finally an eye catchy n best theme...kudosss

  3. Sir, whether bharamacharyam and vegetarianism should be followed for these 40 days. Please guide me.

    1. These are the things which have to be followed in every sadhana

    2. Ashok Sir
      Please could you advise which mantra viniyoga and Dhyanyoyga or Mantra for luxuries is to be chanted for weak Venus.Thanks

    3. One more question. Can we use tally meter instead of mala for jaap. Can rosary or sphatic mala be used for all jaaps.
      Thanks for your advice.

  4. Sir ,
    1. Does this sadhana need specific colour dhoti or Regular yellow colour is alright .

    2. 25 mala everyday for 40 days = 1 lakh japa, this will be the procedure , right.
    3.Can we complete in less than 40 days if we want to .
    4. Is havan necessary afterwards ?
    5. Can it be started from Akshay Tritiya(falling on monday this year) ?
    6.Mala to be used is rudraksh .
    I have done Lakshmi Sadhana and mahavidya Bhuwaneshwari sadhana on a Sphatik Rosary , so Can i use that ?

    Thank you very much for such special sadhanas

    1. Do just a fixed number of chants daily. Havan is not necessary. You can start on akshay tritya. Sphatik mala is also fine

  5. Sir , there is another version of this mantra with the difference that It ENDS WITH SWAHA INSTEAD of NAMAHA . are both same? In 3-5 places the reference has occured

  6. Sir one last question :
    1.Currently , the planet venus is said to be Aast (without strength).Venus is placed in Mesh rashi , it is Bal-Hin :without position strength
    So when a planet is without strength in current situation , does it affect the result of sadhana

    2. There is another version of the Same mantra , which ends in SWAHA instead of Namaha , so are both correct and give same result?

    1. 1. No its doesn't affect.
      2. Use namaha

    2. Sir this sadhana has to be done in night time , so what time can we start , 10 Pm? Onwards ?

    3. Sir can you please specify the time period for Venus mantra sadhana again , one time sir . It says night time
      Previously you mentioned evening 4 PM to 7.30 PM ?time Is that ok

    4. I want to clarify whether its After 10 Pm time for Venus Sadhana Or Other....
      Thank you

    5. You can do Venus sadhana at night

  7. Sir I am performing this sadhana since Akshaya Tritiya
    1.Sir during sadhana , On what should I concentrate my mind while doing mantra japa? .Since any Image or Yantra is not mentioned in the article .

    2. During sadhana sometimes , very disturbing thoughts come to mind , feeling sudden anger etc. which break the concentration . is there any solution for protecting self from such thoughts ?

    1. 1.keep in a yantra is as per your own wish.
      2. If such thoughts come , then chant the mantra a little louder and pay attention to how you are chanting

  8. Sir , i have this question concerning the effects of mantra sadhana .
    Sir when a mantra sadhana is accomplished ,
    then the purpose for which it is done (Like this Venus Sadhana or Lakshmi Sadhana for Material wealth like Money , House , Vehicles and other Luxury Articles )how does a person actually receive these effects in his life - through what way ?
    2. Is it compulsory for a person to have a means of earning like a profession or Business so that the prosperity (vaibhav or Aishwarya) is obtained through that path only . Yes/ No ?

    3. If the sadhak is a student or a Non-Earning person at the time of sadhana , then can still the person achieve the results of the mantra sadhana . If yes , through what way ?

    4. Once sadhana is completed , then over houw much period of time , can one feel the effects ?
    please guide regarding above points .
    Thank you in advance

    1. you need to have a source of income or something. If not, you will still earn them in some or the other way. But if you think that money, vehicles,etc. Will just manifest in front of you then that is not possible.
      I cannot say in what way you will earn them or in how much time you'll feel its effects. mantras just help in attracting blocked money and fortune. Just because you hanth mantras doesn't mean you dont do any hardwork.

    2. Yes , I agree with what you have mentioned about taking efforts.
      I started the sadhana on Akshay Tritiya and Completed 1.25 Lakh in 40 days as mentioned . Is there anything else required to do after completion of the japa .?
      Also,One related thing I would want to ask here is that since I am a student and about to complete my graduation and thinking of starting a business instead of doing a job /service , so is there a sadhana to know which area/business will be most suitable and profitable to start for me particularly where I woould be successful .Are there such prayogs.
      I have read somewhere that Sadhak of Kubera / yakshinis gets to know such hints or in a dream .

    3. Did you feel any positive effects after doing the above sadhana?

    4. Yes , in certain ways I could feel the vibes of the mantra while doing the sadhana like electric / magnetic impluses areound the forehead and eyebrow region up till the top of skull .
      But everytime the energy raised to area near the skull , I discontinued the concentration because its very intense feeling and I am not sure whether I can be in total control of the situation .
      Sometimes around shoulder region and someother body parts , a sudden pleasant cool temperature sensation could be felt .
      I feel its either flow of Prana Shakti or maybe some form of Kundalini power but not sure. In earlier sadhanas I used to feel energy raising from the area around Muladhar (Bottom of Spine , then gradually upwards . Now the feeling starts directly from the area around eyebrows and forehead and within very few time its energy feeling is very intense .
      About my pattern of doing sadhana :
      First day on akshay tritiya I did the procedure of taking 'Diksha ' as mentioned in a post by You .
      I did 32 malas everyday for 40 days
      (nights) and completed 1.25 lakh japam
      I commenced the main mantra japa after night 10 pm everyday and completed till 12 :15 midnight .
      Before that I sat down in puja ghar around half an hour early ,Did Preliminary Pavitrikaran-AAchaman-Digbandhan -Aasan Pujan then worship of Ganesha & 1 mala of Gnaesh mool mantra
      Then Kuldevta & devi Pujan , Followed by Guru Pujan , Gayatri japam and Then Main Venus / Shukra Poojan . I had kept energized 3d solid copper Shree yantra before me on the altar for invoking Shukra Devta . After that Panchopchar pujan and Shukra Kavach Recittation , Then mala Poojan and Commenced the mantra Japa .

    5. recite 1 rosary daily facing west. Nothing more is needed. And establish a shukra yantra in your house' temple and worship it daily. Wait for a few days, you will have some amazing increase in wealth

    6. Sure , I shall perform that.
      Just a point I want to know ,
      During sadhana I have faced towards North for the 40 days . So now Is it fine to chant facing west ? OR north can be continued .
      1.Also About the yantra : there are 2 options , one is the numerological yantra with a square grid .Another one is the star pattern yantra . So which one is to be installed ?
      2.In this does size of the yantra matter Like 2*2 inch or 3*3 inch silver yantra .
      3. Will It be fine if I invoke and worship Shukra Devta in 'Shree Yantra ' as it is said that all Gods , Godesses and Divine Beings , Planets reside in it .
      Or Would Separate Shukra Yantra be better .

      Thank you for you guidance .

    7. 1. It depends on what kind wish you had done this sadhana for. If it was wealth related then you should have sat facing west. If it was done to maintain good relationships then north was fine.
      2. Use the star pattern yantra.
      3. Size matters. It will be fine if you use a medium sized yantra.
      4. Shree yantra invokes all gods, goddesses, yogini, nitya, navagrah, tridev, tridev. If you keep a pran prathishthit shree yantra then you have to do aarti of all the gods in front of shree yantra daily. If you install only a shukra yantra then arti won't be necessary and only 108 recitation of the above mantra in front of the yantra will suffice

  9. If I may add- The path to acquiring things will unfold, your endeavor will yield positive results, it is more like positive aura is around you.
    All The Best Tom, please keep us updated.

  10. Dear sir,
    1. Venus is my lagna, shall I perform this sadhana
    2. shall I finish this sadhana in Ten days instead of 40 days.
    please guide me sir. Thank you

    1. Yes you can. It will be excellent if you finish in 11 days. For purashcharan one has to observe fast for the sadhana days

  11. Ashok Sir. please let me know if we can start this Sadhana at Friday night and then continue it in early morning for remaining 39 days.

    1. You can instead do in the morning on all 40 days

    2. Thank you very much Ashok Sir

  12. Sir, is it OK to perform Satyanarayan Puja during the period of this Sadhana ?

    1. You can do if it is normal puja but don't do havan or homa

    2. Thank you very much Ashok Sir

  13. For writing the Shukra Yantra, please advice me if I can use white paper, Kesar ink and wooden pen

  14. Hi Sir,

    If Venus is retrograde in the chart, is it ok to do this mantra.?

  15. Thank you, Is there any mantra or parihara for retrograde venus?

    1. Chant ॐ द्रां द्रींं द्रौं सः शुक्राय नमः 11 rosary every Friday early morning

  16. Sir
    Please could you advise regarding the mantras to be japped. Is it first one or the second d one for Luxury one. Thanks

  17. Is shukra lucifer?please answer me

  18. Great mantra sadhana, if done with full focus will give amazing results

  19. I've noticed little gains in my business also I've begun winning scratch lottery tickets , I recently purchased a 4k smart TV and I'm happy that this work but what I noticed is that I'm getting sick , guru ji what is happening with me ??


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