Meanings of Dreams About Different People

Dreams in which you visualize different persons performing or doing different actions or activities have been attributed with specific meanings in the Indian paranormal texts, especially the Swapna Phal Tantra and Rahasya.  In this post, I have compiled a listing of the specific meanings and interpretations of dreams about a diverse range of people and the interaction of the dreamer with these persons in dreams.

However, as, I have pointed out in many earlier articles on dreams interpretations, there are many other factors to be taken into consideration while interpreting a dream.

These specific interpretations of dreams about different persons may be taken by readers as broad indicators and not as a hard and fast indicator of things to come in the future.

King speaking- Money, Prestige, Respect, Recognition or Awards coming your way.
Angry King- Foretells insults, problems and troubles. This is an inauspicious dream.
Dining with a King- Dream is indicative of increase in longevity, money and wealth.
Your own Children- Auspicious dream, indicative of elevation in status and opening up of fortune.
Actor- Increased desire about any material or non-material thing.
Midwife or Nurse- Diseases, ailments and dangers.
Death of a Relative- Increase in longevity and life span.
Sanyasi- A Sanyasi is a person who has renounced worldly life and dreaming about a Sanyasi is an auspicious dream.
Having or seeing a Woman known to you having intercourse- Inauspicious dream, indicative of shortage of money and funds and disease and sickness.
Having intercourse with an unknown Woman- Auspicious dream indicative of abundance, good fortune, fulfillment wishes, desires, hopes and aspirations.
Barber- You will perform a new task, venture or creation. The same applies to dreams in which you see yourself in a barbers shop or saloon.
Beggar- Dreaming about beggars is an auspicious dream.
Being Adopted- Dreaming about being adopted by someone is indicative of help from friends.
Woman dreaming about having intercourse- This is an auspicious dream, which is indicative of happiness and peaceful pregnancy.
Angry Astrologer, Guru or Brahmin- Disease and sickness.
Being a Lawyer- Dreaming about being a Lawyer is a dream, which foretells success.
Uncle, Aunt or Blood Relative- This dream is indicative of money and finance coming your way.
Becoming Bankrupt or in Debt- This dreams indicates problems, obstacles and dangers, it is an inauspicious dream.
Bearded Person- This dream foretells sudden and unexpected success, which come out of the blue.
Birth of a Newborn Boy- This is an excellent dream and is indicative of bliss and happiness.
Being watched by a Virgin- Bad dream, indicative of disease and sickness.
Seeing yourself being Burnt- Dream is indicative of the formation of a true and great friendship.
Unknown Person- Inauspicious dream, which gives a warning to be careful in everything.
Being a King- Dreams about you being a king is indicative about help from a rich and wealthy person.
Being Fat- Dreams in which you see yourself as being fat is indicative of troubles, problems and obstacles.
A group of Warriors- Dreams in which you see warriors or a group of fighting soldiers is an auspicious dream, which success in love and romance.
Soldier- This dream indicates change in residence, job transfer, problems in a criminal case or getting bail.
Gathering of People- This dream indicates increased happiness.
Prostitute- Dreams in which you see a prostitute is an auspicious dream, which foretells Laxmi Prapti and monetary gain.
Widow- Dreaming about a widow or speaking to her in a dream is indicative of dangers and the death of a woman.
Bride dreaming about herself as a Widow- This is an auspicious dream, which foretell bliss and happiness.
Watching yourself as a Bride and then as a Widow- Auspicious dream, all thing will progress as per your desires.
Magician- Profiting in any matter due to new ideas.
Kinnar- Dreams in which you see a transvestite is indicative about the birth of a male child.
Judge- Dreaming about a judge is indicative of obstacles and domestic problems.
Judge Speaking- This is an auspicious dream, which indicates success and profit.
Laborer- Increase in money and finances.
Mother or Father- This is an auspicious dreams foretells new friends, good fortune and happiness from material things.
Old Woman- Increase in money and wealth and profits.
Father in Law- Dreams in which you see your father in law is an inauspicious dream, which is indicative of loss in something.
Mother in Law- Financial and money related problems and obstacles.
Neighbor- Loss or being unsuccessful in business and mental problems.
Doctor- Dreams about a doctor or dreams in which a doctor is speaking are auspicious dreams. Which foretell good health.
Seeing yourself Singing- This is an auspicious dream, which indicates a change for the better. If the dreamer is a singer, then this dream indicates nothing.
Farmer- Indicative of fame, awards, rewards and recognition.
Ghost- Dreams about ghosts and spirits foretell profiting from a religious task.
Demons- Dreaming about Rakshasas are auspicious dreams, indicative of profitable journey, success and money.
Thief- Money and Financial shortages and loss.
Boss- Success, progress or promotion in the job.
Friends or Relative- Success in love and romance.
Roaming with a Friend- Opening of fortune and success.
Postman- New task or venture.
Speaking to a Reputed Person- Dreams in which you are speaking to famous, well-known or reputed persons are auspicious dreams, which foretell social success, fame and honor.
Participating in Last Rites- Dreams, in which you participate in the last rites of someone or are part of a funeral procession foretell sudden gain of money.


  1. Pranam guruji, mujhe hamesha sapne mn alag alag mandir aur devtao ki murtiya dikhti hn... jinhe mn apne pita k sath pranam karati hu... uss mandir mn mai kabhi nhi gyi hu. Fir mere pita ji kho jate hn main rone LG jati hu... fir uske bad ek mandir mn pravesh karti hu .... waha Ganesh ji ki kali pathar ki murti se mn kahati mujhe mere pita ji se milva do. .. uske bad vahi murti mujh se kuch bat karti hn.....
    Bhagwan ki woh murti mujh se kya bat karti hn woh mujhe nind se uthane k bad yaad nhi rahta. ...

    Yeh ajeeb sapana mujhe 2-3 bar aa chuka hn....
    Mn samjh nhi paa rahi hu ki iska kya matalab hn.

    1. Pray to Ganesha and seek his guidance in this regard.

  2. Sir yesterday i celebrated shivratri kept strict fast did puja in d evening ate fruits and slept . in the middle of night i got dream of a snake , like i was seeing a snake . guruji can u tell what is d meaning of dream? I never got snake in my dream before.

  3. Sir,

    I dreamed about our local lady corporater alongwith with 1 unknown girl coming to my house as well as office n giving marriage invitation also saw some marriage preparations. Pls adv whether it is auspicious or not. And remedies to avoid such dreams as I m continuously facing domestic issues at home.


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