Interpretation of Sky in Dreams

These are some unique interpretations of dreams of the Sky and Space; as per the Indian Dream Tantras. For more preliminary information on the Tantra, you can look up the numerous topics given here in this section on the various - Indian Paranormal Beliefs; including Dream and their meanings.

Visualizing yourself flying in the air – Indication of money, wealth and happiness coming your way. Rise in salary, income, travel and success.
Seeing fire in the sky – Problems to your body, physical difficulties.
Thunder-showers and lightening in the sky – Profit, money and happiness.
Seeing yourself being struck by lightning – A good omen; a period of happiness and contentment coming your way.
Seeing a rainbow in the sky – Indication of a happy period of time and also satisfaction coming from women.
Clouds rising from the ground to the sky – Sea voyage for profit or pleasure, recognition and a gain in the field of knowledge.
Red clouds – Bad omen, danger and disease.
Black clouds – Loss due to anger and disease.
Broken and scattered clouds - Indication of Mental troubles and anger.
Rainfall – Success in the venture or project you are currently engaged in or the work in hand.
Seeing yourself burning- Excellent omen; indication of money or property coming your way.

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