Attraction Tantra for Court Cases

There is a specific attraction Tantra which makes the use of a Crow for success in winning court cases and other legal disputes. The Tantra Sadhana which is an Aghori and Tamas one has to be commenced on a Tuesday. For this purpose, first of all, you have to catch a Crow and keep it with you in a Cage.

At around 4 to 5 O’clock in the afternoon, feed pieces of Chapatti, mixed with Sugar and Pure Ghee to the Crow. Also remember to keep water in the cage for the Crow to drink. Continue this Sadhana faithfully till the next date of the court case.

On the day of the Court Case Hearing, pluck a feather from the back of the Crow. Then you must free the Crow from its cage. After freeing the Crow, keep that feather in the Right Hand Side Pocket of your shirt. Then when you go to the Court Room; the Tantra says that the Judge will become attracted towards you with the vibrations of that feather and will favor you while giving his Judgment.

This is an attraction Tantra and does not need the chanting of any mantra or stotra and can be practiced by anyone.

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