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Extra Sensory Perception is that superhuman ability which a lot of people wish they had. This is the ability to see and visualize what lies beyond the realm of the human senses. A lot of ancient Indian saints and sages were known to have this ability; known in Hindi as Trikal Vidya; the ability to visualize the events of the past, present and future. The sages who had this ability were known as Trikal Darshi; the masters who could see into the past, present and future.

Some of the famous seers who had this psychic paranormal ability were Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Delphic Oracle, Baba Vanga, Sri Aurobindo and Lahiri Mahasaya.

There are in India numerous techniques and mantras which are used to try and get this knowledge, some of these secret methods and mantras are given here, these include Yakshini Sadhana and specific Mantra Sadhanas to gain this ability in various forms including dreams, telepathy, clairvoyance and ESP.

We do not take any responsibility for you success or failure as all knowledge given here is for educational purposes only.

Mantra to get answer in dream
Mantra to get answer in dream - 2
Mantra to get answer in dream - 3
Mantra to Talk to God in Dream
Mantra to see past, present and future in a dream
Mantra to know the future
Most powerful Mantra to know the future
Karna Pishachini Mantra
Karna Pishachini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana 2
Karna Pishachini Mantra Sadhana 3
Karna Pishachini Mantra - 4
Karna Pishachini Aghori Mantra
Kanaka Yakshini Sadhana to know the future
Mantra for telepathy
Secret Mantra to know the future
Mantra to gain Clairvoyance and Psychic ability
Mantra Gaining Power to Bestow Boons
Mantra for Precognition and ESP
Mantra for solution to problems
Mantra - Future Whispered in Ear
Mantra - Mastery over Vak Siddhi
Charm to make spoken word come true
Mantra for divine and secret knowledge
Mantra to call Supernatural Entities
Mantra for knowing Hidden Secrets
Mantra for astrologers and palmists
Mantra for Becoming a Medium for Seance
Vacha Siddhi Mantra - Tantra
Jain Future Knowing Mantra
Predict Future from Semen and Urine
Traits in Women from the Eyes
Traits in Women from Eyelashes and Eyebrows
Traits in Women from Nose and Ears
Predicting Future of Women from Teeth and Tongue
Predicting Future in Women from Breasts
Predicting Traits in Women from Neck
Predicting Future in Women From Symbols on Palms
Predict Future from Testicles
Predicting Future from Feet of Women
Predicting Future from Buttocks of Women
Yantra to stop Swapna Siddhi
Swapneshwari Mantra for Dreaming the Future
Mantra for Becoming Siddha Purusha
Mahamaya Shakti Mantra for Swapna Siddhi
Sanatana Dharma Tantra for Divine Dreams
Future Answers Knowing Mantra
Mantra to Enter Another Person's Body
Mantra for Occult Power to Know Language of Cats
Yantra for Good News in a Dream
Simple Tantra to See Future Events in Dreams
Mantra to Know About Past and Future Lives
Mantra to Know When Sick Person is Going to Die
Indian Black Magic Spell to Know Secrets of Others
6 Ways to Tell if you are speaking to a Real Psychic
Answering Oracle Yantra to Predict Future
Vachan Siddhi Yantra
Mantra to get Super Intuition Powers
Supernatural Power Sadhana Mind Reading Secrets
Mantra to Increase Prosperity and Mental Powers
Mantra Written on Paper to See Future in Dream
Karna Pishachini Mantra to Dream about the Future
Yantra to Read Mind of Other People
Manibhadra Yaksha Mantra to Get Answers in Dreams
Paranormal Ritual to See Future Happenings
Panchanguli Devi Mantra to Forecast Future
Mantra for Divya Drishti and Becoming Trikaldarshi
Bhavishya Gyan Mantra to Know which Decision to Take


  1. Namaste

    There was one mantra to know the future, where is it? It goes
    om ham namo akash devaaya
    I am interested if it is satvik, rajasic or tamasic mantra


  2. Gurujee, Namaskar.Please kindly post Panchaguli Sadhana.Thank you for your valuable postings.

  3. Guruji bramh randhra kya hota hai aur ye block ho sakta hai

    1. It is the seat of Brahman, which is located just below the Crown of the Head.
      To open it you have to first understand the working of the Kundalini Shakti and then practice Kundalini Meditation or any other method of Kundalini Awakening.

  4. Kalyan number jane keliye mantra post kijiye guruji.....

  5. Sir, does any of these mantras reveal a specific person's past that I would like to know. For instance, if I want to know your past , would any of these help,m? If yes, which ones? Please identify. Thanks!

    1. Yes, many of these mantras said said to reveal the past, present and future of an individual.
      You can read the Mantras and select the one, which you think suits your needs.

    2. Thanks a lot for replying.

  6. Om Namo Narayan
    Can you suggest any prayog of Gajmani

  7. Dear guruji need to know mantra to heal from paralysis and be able to walk as before

    1. Please see the Health Mantras and Shiva Mantras Section for some healing Mantras suitable your your problem.

  8. Neel Sir,
    Om Ham namo aakash devaya- This mantra is prayed to which God? Pls reply.

    1. It means the God of the Skies, you can apply it to mean any of your favoured deities like Shiva or Vishnu.

    2. Is this mantra"Om ham namo aakasa devaya" dangerous . or any mantra in this section dangerous to one?

  9. Dear Guruji
    can you please upload mantras to learn Anjanam

  10. Is there any mantra for going back in past life by any means. I want to travel eternally to past. In our Veda upnisad can we find something like this.


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