Mantra to get answer in dream

This is a secret Hindu mantra which is said to give you an answer to your questions in your dream. To attain Siddhi [mastery] this mantra has to be repeated 351 times daily

for a total period of 21 days. After the period of 21 days when you attain Siddhi, ask your question before you go to sleep, you will get your answer in your dream.

Kaali devi namastubhyam sarvakaamarthi sadhike
mama siddhmasiddhim wa swapne sarv pradarshya ll
काली देवी नमस्तुभ्यं सर्वकामार्थी साधिके
मम सिद्धमसिद्धिम वा स्वप्ने सर्व प्रदर्शय ll

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  1. I want a mantra that will help me to remove all bad feelings, hatred, frustation my husband has for me in his heart. I want him to care for me, love me, respect me, and give attention to me..of which he is ignorant of.

    1. Please chant this mantra of Maa Kaathyayini. It will give you a fruitful and happiest married life.

      Om aim hreem kleem aam kam kaathyayinyai namaha

      for 27 or 54 or 108 times per day in front of goddess durga.


  2. I want a mantra that will help me to remove all bad feelings, hatred, frustation, abstractions from my business. I want my business should run peacefully.(My Business is SS & MS Fabrication, Loading/Unloading n Shifting of Material n machinery, Machining work of auto precision work etc.)
    Pls suggest the right mantra.

  3. Pls help: A psychic told me my husband is unfaithful to me and he denies. He has since failed a polygraph test but still denies ever having an affair. the psychic says this person is still in his life and I desperately need the truth to be able to heal and see if I do want to try to make this marriage wrok (we are married for 20 years). what can I do to get him to confess. Regards Neha

  4. excuse me sir please help me bad spirits are in my home my neighbours envy us please help me

  5. any mantra for kill itself or others

  6. hello sir!
    maine yeh mantra kiya. per mujhe to reply nahin mila mere question ka mere dream? kaha galti ho gayi hogi mujhse. aap bata sakte ho kya?

  7. agar apke pas aisa koi mantra hai jise jap karne se mujhey din par din shaktiya arjit ho to please mujhey bataeye

  8. I want a mantra to gain Magical abilities
    I want to be close to a prophet
    I need it badly!

    1. Sit idle, be ask for it in Facebook and other websites without any work. It will come to you.

      It's work and dedication which brings you the fruit. Start with void meditation and advance yourself. You got many websites to collect information. To put into practice is your role. Stop asking for abilities and work to it polished for all the abilities is in you.

      Find a way to explore your subconscious and the God residing it. If you belong to any of the religions of Abraham, let me warn you, meditation is Satanic per your beliefs.

  9. my neighbours have become enemies, friends are going away , money not coming ,plz help me with any mantra on

  10. Sir,i want a mantra remove baf thoughts & bad words while perforing pooja or chanting mantra, pl help

  11. Hi may i know when to start(any specific day), time like morning or nite?? Or can start any time and day. Tq

    1. The mantra can be chanted anytime during the day or night for 21 days, but keep that timing fixed for all the days.

  12. Sir my pls help me so that I want to marry one person both parents are ready for marriage but some other people troubling for our marriage old help me to solve the problem in just 5days

  13. Should we avoid nonveg during 21 days.

  14. Whenever I need to know answer again I repeat whole procedure of 21 days or after 1time siddhi whenever I need to know recite 108 times n I get a ans ? Which one sir ?

  15. Should I avoid non veg during the mantra sadhana


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