How to seek the unknown

Each and every living entity has its own individual Universe. The external Universe is just a reflection of the Universe inside you. That is a reflection of the five senses, and nothing beyond it.

The seeker on the path of ‘the truth’ has to first fully realize and understand ‘What is Silence ‘,when he does so half the road is traveled.

This passage written by Swami Abhedananda in this book “How to be a Yogi” most aptly describes the real Raja Yoga as it is.

“Raja Yoga maintains that the outer world exists only in relation to the inner nature of each individual. What mind is to itself, the phenomenal world of sense perception is to the mind. The external is only the reflection of the internal; that which we gain, that which we receive, is only the likeness or reflection of that which we have already given.

Mental phenomena are merely the effects of invisible forces, which cannot be discovered by the senses or by any instrument, which the human mind can invent. We may try forever to know these finer forces through the medium of our sense perceptions, but we shall never arrive at any satisfactory result. A Raja Yogi understands this and therefore attaches little value to instruments.”

What this passage tells you that the unknown which the seeker seeks cannot be found through the ‘senses’ for what the senses reflect is what is stored in the store house of the mind. The Raja Yogi fully knows this, he knows that other pursuits to know the ‘unknown’ are just a waste of time. The only way to reaching the unknown is by transcending the senses.

One will be fully justified in being skeptical and saying easier said than done. So how does one transcend the senses and reach the state of Duality. This depends upon the individual, on his sincerity and commitment. Method will certainly not take you there. If it were so then the disciples of all the great yogis and master would be realized souls.

The best way is finding your own path to transcend the senses, what worked for the great yogi or master, won’t necessarily work for you. It has to be your own individual way. What suits you the best. What you have read about their methods and techniques are what is the ‘known’ to you, then how can you find the ‘unknown’ with the known.


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