The Universe inside you

Let’s have a look at these three verses from the Bhagavad-Gita -

Bhagavad-Gita –Chapter 5 Verse 8/9
The one who knows the truth, knows that he is not doing anything, even as he sees, hears, touches, smells, eats, goes, sleeps, breaths, speaks, excretes, grasps, and opens and closes his eyelids. He knows that the senses are in the sense objects.

Chapter 5 Verse 10
The one who performs all actions and dedicates them to the Supreme Being, and is not touched by attachment to the sense objects is never touched by sins, the same way as a lotus is not touched by water.

Chapter 5 Verse 11
Men of selfless action, who have given up attachment, perform action through body, mind and intellect and senses only to purify their mind.

These verses from the Bhagavad-Gita are descriptive of the path one has to follow to achieve the Non-Dual state of existence. But one has to understand in totality what the Non – Dual state really is. There is no point in talking about philosophy or other important sounding terms without knowing what they mean.

God and the Universe rest only in the mind or memory bank of the individual. Every living thing is a complete Universe in itself. What one sees, hears, and feels and tastes every moment of one’s life is nothing but a fragment of the Universe, which lies in one’s mind. Here one must remember that it is he, and only he, who is the thinker, the one who sees, feels tastes and hears. One cannot see, hear, feel and taste for others; the others are also a fragment of the Universe, which rests in one’s mind.

The Universe, which rests in one’s mind, is changing from moment to moment; it is a different Universe every moment, it is in a continuous state of motion. This is real meaning of the preaching ‘live in the moment ’.Then who is this preaching you on what the Universe really, the preacher is also a fragment of your mind.

This exactly is what the Bhagavad-Gita preaches, though very few understand the meaning in totality. The Bhagavad-Gita preaches a lot on detachment, there are numerous verses devoted to it. However, I have quoted only three, just sufficient to speak about the real meaning of detachment.

When one succeeds in achieving some sort of detachment from the senses, what one achieves is a state of nothingness, which is the opposite of everything. This everything is what we experience every moment of our lives, while experiencing the Universe inside us. There is no such thing as nothing, because for nothing to exist there has to be everything or something. It is in the state of nothingness that the everything or the Universe inside us disappears and we come to a state of experience “I am or I am the Universe “.

In the ‘I am ‘state the I becomes one with everything. The ‘I am 'also becomes one with the Gods, the Saints or the Supreme Being which rests in one’s mind. One then becomes everything, even the Supreme Being.

The Supreme Being or what most people call the almighty God is also a fragment of one’s mind, this fragment can be bigger or smaller depending upon how much importance is given to it. This is simply because the Supreme Being as we see it also leads a dual existence in our minds. To achieve the state of Non – Duality even this Supreme Being has to disappear. This is probably what the Poet Kabir meant when he said “when you exist I don’t, and when I exist you don’t ‘.

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