Powerful Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits - 2

This is one more powerful Protection Mantra to Exorcise evil spirits and energies which have entered someone’s body.This is a Shaabri Mantra,popularised and taught by the nine saints and masters the Navnath's. The language used is the old Marathi script which I have tried to translate into English as best as I could.

The Sadhana or experiment has to be conducted under a Bael tree, also known as Bela tree [Aegle marmelos ].This tree is considered to be extremely sacred in the Hindu religion, and the leaves are used during the worship of Shiva.These tree are normally found near a Hindu temple A small Pind [Shiv ling] made of sand has to be has to be created, and worshipped for 31 days. The 11th chapter of the Shiv Leela Amrit has to be recited.

After the completion of 31 days the same procedure should be followed on the following Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Doing this one acquires Siddhi.

Thereafter when ever required this Mantra has to be recited, and a bunch of Peacock feathers have to be rubbed lightly over the back of the processed person. Doing this will Exorcise even the strongest of evil spirits and energies.

Bael Tree in Hindu Mantra Exxperiments
Bael Tree
Mantra to Exorcise Evil Spirits
Om namo narsinhaya Hiranyakashipu-paksh-sthal-vidaranaya tribhuvan vyapakaya bhut prêt pishacha dakini shakini mulonmulanaya sthambhodabhavvaya samast doshanu harhar visar visar pach pach han han kampaya kampaya hreem hreem hreem hreem phat phat phat th th ehi rudra agyapataye swaha ll
भूत,प्रेत निकालनेका मंत्र
ॐ नमो नरसिंहाय हिरण्यकशिपू-पक्ष स्थळ-विदारणाय त्रिभुवन व्यापकाय भुत प्रेत पिशाच डाकिनी शाकिनी मूलोन्मूलनाय स्तंभोंदभवाय समस्त दोषानू हरहर विसर विसर पच पच हन हन कंपय कंपय ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं फट्फट् फट् ठं ठं एहि रुद्र आज्ञापतये स्वाहा ll

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  1. neilguruji how can a person perform this steps if there is no bail tree in country i am currently living ?


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