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I am often asked numerous times about the future prophecies about India, more often than not, I am told that from your interpretations of the various startling prophecies of numerous ancient texts; including those of the Hindu Prophecies, the Prophet Nostradamus, Kalki Avatar and the Bible Prophecies; it seems that it is certain that India is going to be a super power, and it will dominate the world for a long time and this will happen in the near future. No doubt I have made these interpretations and so have a lot of other people, here I feel that there is a strong need to clarify some of the doubts.

1. At this period of time we are in India, more than anywhere else in the world somewhere in between the period of Kaliguga, which has been described in the Hindu Puranas. Hence the prophecies which have been described in the Puranas are bound to commence in India as it is the most appropriate place.

2. The numerous prophecies made by Nostradamus also clearly indicate that the future world events will be shaped in India. We more often than not hear about other places and countries as being the centers of the 'Global flash point', but I am certain that it is going to be India which will be the flash point. When I speak of the flash point I am not necessarily speaking of the nuclear or any other flash point, but the flash point of change, as all the moral boundaries have long since been crossed in India.

3. The moral boundaries which I am talking about are about governance and corruption. Corruption in India is of an unimaginable magnitude. The national treasury is being mercilessly stripped by the looters who go about by the name of Politicians. The prophecy regarding Kaliyuga speaks of the lowest scum of society coming to power; this prophecy has already been fulfilled in India.

4. At this period of time the Sensex is near a record high, the economy is booming and production is near an all time high. The economists will tell you that Indians are shinning. Yes Indians are shinning, but those shinning account for less than 1%, these are the Looters [politicians], big Industry and those who live off them, like the media and the economists. Another 4 % of the population lives a comfortable life; these are the educated elite who feed on the scraps. The other 95% of the population are the ‘outsiders’ who try to make two ends meet. Out of this 95% approximately 60% are living below the poverty line.

5. Please note that I am not highlighting these points to defame India, but to bring home my point that we are right in the middle of Kaliyuga.This period is going to be a period of unprecedented turmoil and change for India. There is also the Naxal revolution, which is reaching the critical levels. At the present moment these people are widespread in what are called the fringe areas. Just imagine if these revolutionaries were to start their activities in the cities and urban areas; it could be a siege like situation.

6. These in short are exactly the conditions which the Hindu Puranas and Nostradamus speak about time and again. Most prophecies are indicative of the fact that the big thing, the change is going to commence in India and then it will assume Global proportions. There are of course a lot of other countries which are somewhere near the level of conditions which I have spoken about in India. A large chunk of the population of these countries is going to be influenced by the events in India.

7. The prophecies also indicate that the changes will be opposed by the established order in some countries and this is going to lead to wide spread destruction. The opposition which I speak about will not be in India. I don’t see the looters offering much resistance, they don’t have the capacity.

8. Now you will ask me when this period of turmoil will commence, it has already commenced. Here I must make one point clear; this is not based on my personal prejudices, but upon the various prophecies leading to the coming world climax which I have about.

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  1. Future of India..... where is it? Total destruction of existing systems , sort of total revolution is the only way! But that doesn't seem happening! We are all going from bad to worse to worst..possibly worstest!!! greed , greed greed everywhere and no signs of any human values..
    Toooo much of population and too little the result gap between haves and have nots are growing wider and wider... everything from education to health to judiciary to press every thing is becomming too tooo commercial

    Only hope is the total destruction..earler the better

    1. Hi Vishy,

      The Kalki Avtar has now taken place. Do visit the following link and see the evidences on your own. I also request you to Join me on any of the coordinates posted on my blog.

  2. Wooow I'm a blessed Indian born in a great culture and this article is an inspiration to me. Inspiration to strive by the values that are mocked at in kalyug.

  3. I needed some spiritual advises I am deluded to a great extend. Also I need some physic help in some other matter. I am hopeful that I do get some help through this site. Please reach me at .

  4. Request all to read and understand kalki.
    He will be born after 4 lakh years,we are in 2015 so have lot of time, nextly, he will be born in himalayan region not south India.
    As soon as a flower is born, it blossoms similarly we all will know about Kalki once he is born.


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