Origin of the Antichrist

He arises from the “sea” –.Rev.11.7. This is a Bible Prophecies which has been time and again used to describe the origins of the THE THIRD ANTICHRIST. The word “sea” has been misinterpreted by most as referring to the Gentile nations which have been described in the Bible.

Lets have a look at this prophecy made by Nostradamus.Nostradamus has described a person born from the three water signs, as shaping global events in the future. The water or sea connection is obvious and for everyone to see. The Bible prophecy and the prophecy made by Nostradamus are referring to the same person. These prophecies are connected.

Century -.I. 50.
De l'aquatique triplicitй naistra,
D'vn qui fera le Ieudy pour sa feste.
Son bruit, los, regne, sa puissance croistra,
Par terre & mer,aux Oriens tempeste.
Century - 1 -50
From the three water signs will be born a man who will celebrate Thursday as his holiday. His renown, praise, rule and power will grow on land and sea, bringing trouble to the East.

The three water signs are the three water bodies of the Indian and Arabian Oceans and The Bay of Bengal which meet at Kanya Kumari at the southern most point in India. This is a very significant and important quatrain which describes the origins of The Third Antichrist. The Third Antichrist has to be someone who is a Hindu, this is so because Thursday is considered a holy day in the Hindu religion. Thursday is the day of Jupiter or Guru. None of the other religions celebrate Thursday as a holiday or a holy day.

This is a related Quatrain, the sea connection is there. This Quatrain is also referring to the same person.
Century -X. 96.
Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
Contre la secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinée deplorée craindra,
Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.
Century X -96 The Religion of the name of the seas will win out Against the sect of the son of Adaluncatif, The obstinate lamented sect will be afraid The two wounded by Aleph & Aleph.

The only religion which is named after water is the Hindu religion named after the Sindu after which Hindustan begins this can also be taken as the Indian Ocean and the name India. The Indians will defeat the obstinate sects here Nostradamus uses the words sects not religions Aleph and Aleph means the Al Qaeda and such related groups which will take over power in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Hindu ruler will completely destroy them.

The Third Antichrist has been often referred to as a political or religious leader or even a military dictator. This is a somewhat modest description of a personality who has been time and again described in the Bible and by other prophets including Nostradamus. This person is going to trigger off events which are going to change the course of the history of humanity. This is man chosen by destiny to correct the course of humanity.

The Third Antichrist, who probably fits NOSTRADAMUS DESCRIPTION OF KALKI AVATAR, will in all probability be the third trigger who will change the course of history. The first being Jesus Christ, the second the Prophet Mohammad or Adolph Hitler, the third is awaited. The Antichrist is probably the Kalki Avatar of Vishnu, the 10th and final manifestation.

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  1. is it Anna Hazare by any chance?

  2. No Arundhati. It must Narendra Modi ;D

  3. kalki avatar will come after 4lakh years at end of kaliyuga,but the antichrist is messanger of god which will bring golden age of kaliyuga for next 5000years acc to brahma vaivarthya purana.

  4. Triplicitй be born of water,
    D'vn which will make the Ieudy for his feste.
    Its sound, los, reign, his power croistra,
    By land and sea, the tempest Oriens.

    Fake Post

  5. According to the timelines mentioned in the Vedas, it makes difficult to understand when Kalki is supposed to arrive. The Kali Yuga is said to be 432000 years long and it began in 3000 BC or so, so accordingly Kalki will come after 427000 more years!!

    1. Do you logically think this world will last for that soooo many years? Keeping in mind the current global and environmental chaos & corruptions???

  6. This calculation is flawed. The Project YugParivartan is already started. Please join the "Project YugParivartan" facebook group and the page with the same name; and see the evidences on your own.

  7. Aleph is not means Al Qaeda or other,
    Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.
    Symbolically this means that Aleph combines the divine.
    King Chren/Chiren is Two wounded man, one wound is on his thigh and another is somewhere on his body

    Revelation 19:16
    On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.

    1. Very Funny!!!
      So you expect Kalki avatar to open his pants in front of everybody to show "King of king..." in his thigh???
      Anybody can create a similar TATTOO to prove that.

      All these scriptures/prophecies are SYMBOLIC. Don't follow them literally.
      For example, obviously he won't be riding on a horse in today's busy streets in this rocket science age!!!

    2. He will ride Honda Asimo Robot horse. :D

  8. Lots of stupid people (especially from India) is relating or mentioning Kalki avatar as Antichrist, without proper researching. Go thru these links to know more about Antichrist.

  9. Wait, in a meeting related to business. I guess Ambani referred NaMo as a leader among leaders and a king among kings. And this guy, he seems to be a personification of Charles Darwin's proverb survival of the fittest and to hell with those who are not. probably, he might be a good guy to the aam admi who already have a base not to those who are not and against him and his policies.

  10. hm... speaking of NaMo who has a huge devoted fan base. He was referred to by Ambani I guess as 'leader among leaders and king among kings.'- referring to that prophecy in Revelations. He is an authoritarian and pro-capitalist guy. Very economy monopoly minded guy like Obama. He might be a good guy for the aam admi who have some hold or base in the manufacturing industry thats it. Totally not into innovation and new fields and remember, Gujurat is a highly low-developed state when it comes to social modernism and gender equality. I am talking about the majority not the business holders. So, he might good in modifying the nation but not nurturing it. According to me.

  11. Hi, the mantras you provide could be more meaningful if a sound clip of each could be made available in your site, seeing that the effectiveness of manthras depends on the correct sound vibration,if that is not asking too much

  12. Your third last line says-the first AntiChrist is Jesus Christ, what's that??


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