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Parshuram Aarti - English - Marathi

Parshuram is the sixth of the Dash Avatars or the ten manifestations of Vishnu. Parshuram was a sage, who had done great penance and acquired mastery over all sorts of divine weapons and the art of warfare. The purpose of his manifestation was primarily to rid the earth of evil rulers, most of who belonged to the ruling Kshatriya caste.

One day when Parshuram returned home he found his mother Renuka crying uncontrollably, when he asked for the reason of her grief, she told him that his father Jamadagni had been brutally killed by the Kshatriyas. Parshuram vowed that he would wipe out the entire race of the Kshatriyas 21 times. 21 times was because he had seen his mother beat her chest 21 times with grief. True to his word he wiped out generation after generation of Kshatriyas 21 times.

The literal meaning of the word Parshuram if translated into English means Rama with an Axe. Axe was the weapon mainly used by Parshuram.Of all the manifestations of Vishnu Parshuram is the only one who lives even today, he has no end unlike other Avatars. In the Kaliyug Parshuram will be the Guru of the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu Kalki Avatar. It is he who will give the divine shinning sword to Kalki Avatar, which has been described in the Kalki Purana as the weapon of Kalki Avatar.

This is an Aarti dedicated towards Parshuram in the Marathi Language, which I have translated into English.

Image in 3D The Parshu of Parshuram
The Parshu of Parshuram

Parshuram Aarti
English Translation
Jamadagni kulbhushan muktafaldashna l
Atisajjam manmohana rajnikarvadna l
Aganit mahima tujha nakle surkana l
Vadto kanthi vaani sarsiruhanyana ll 1 ll
Jay ram shriram jay bhargavrama l
Niranjan karu tujla paripurnakama ll Dhru.ll
Sahyadri girishikhri shar gheuni yesi l
Soduni shar palvisi paschim jaldhisi l
Tujsam randhir jaagi ne pade ddushtisi l
Pratap thor tujha ne kale kavnasi ll Jay.ll 2 ll
Tav kop bhau paapi bane snhari l
Daanvadhan karuni vassi girishikhri l
Kshatriya maruni avni keli nivairi l
Satvik raajik taamas triguna uddhari ll Jay.ll 3 ll
Dhud bhave tav vandan kariti je charni l
Tyante bhavbhaav nahi javvari shashitarni l
Shar maruni uddhavili ganga jantarni l
Chintamani sharnagat nischit tav charni l
Jay ram shriram ll 4 ll

परशुरामाची आरती
जमदन्गी कुळभूषण मुक्ताफळदशना l
अतिसज्जम मनमोहना रजनीकरवदना l
अगणित महिमा तुझा नकळे सुरकणा l
वदतो कंठी वाणी सरसीरुहनयना ll १ ll
जय राम श्रीराम जय भार्गवरामा l
नीरांजन करू तुजला परिपूर्णकामा ll धृ.ll
सह्याद्रि गिरी शिखरी शर घेउनी येसी l
सोडुनि शर पळविसी पश्चिम जलाधीसी l
तुजसम रणधीर जगी न पडे दृष्टीसी l
प्रताप थोर तुझा न कळे कवणासी ll जय.ll २ ll
तव कोप बहु पापी बाणे संहारी l
दानवदहन करूनि वससी गिरीशिखरी l
क्षत्रिय मारूनि अवनी केली निवैरी l
सात्विक राजस तामस त्रिगुणा उद्धारी ll जय.ll३ ll
द्दढ भावे तव वंदन करिती जे चरणी l
त्यांते भव भाव नाही जवंवरि शशितरणी l
शर मारूनी उध्दविली गंगा जनतरणी l
चिंतामणि शरणागत निश्चित तव चरणी ll जय राम श्रीराम ll ४ ll

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