Shiv Prarthana

This is a short prayer or Prarthana recited in praise of Shiva in the Marathi Language. This prayer is the first verse of the Shiv Stuthi or a prayer in praise of Shiv. This prayer is most suitable for those who find it extremely difficult to recite lengthy prayers.

This prayer calls upon Shiva the lord of Kailas, also lovingly called as Kailasrana to help one tide over the difficulties of life.The worshipper tells Shiva that he is his only hope in life.

श्री शिवजी प्रार्थना इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश

Shri Shivji Prarthana in Hindi and English Text

This Prarthana is normally recited on Monday, the weekly day that is said to be presided over by Shiva.

Shiv Prarthana
English Translation
Kailasrana shivchandramauli l
Fanindra matha mukuti zalali ll
Karunya sindhu bhav:dhukhari l
Tujvin sambho maj kon taari ll

शिव प्रार्थना
कैलासराणा शिवचन्द्र मौळी l
फणींद्र माथां मुकुटी झळाळी ll
कारुण्य सिंधू भवदु:खहारी l
तुजवीण शंभो मज कोण तारी ll

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