Corruption in India - 2

This is a continuation of my post corruption in India, which I wrote some eight months back. Since then we have witnessed scam after scam. On the heels of the Commonwealth Games 2010 scam involving some Rs.1, 07000 crores, came the Adarsh society scam and now we are in the midst of the 2 G spectrum scam involving reportedly a sum of Rs.1, 76,000 crores. One still does not know the exact magnitude of these scams, and neither are we going to know the real facts. Ramu Kaka is not going to come clean.

I have witnessed a marked change in the attitude of a certain section of the media. These guys are showing real courage, and the credit for exposing the scams and bringing the facts to the public eye goes to them, and not to the opposition parties. The news channel Times Now is worth mentioning, as it appears sincere and relentless in its efforts to combat corruption.

Coming back to the root problem of combating corruption, the solution is not that simple. It is a complex problem; it not as if changing a few political bosses or bureaucrats is going to remove corruption once and forever as everyone thinks. Some basic points easily come to my mind, when I look at the larger picture of corruption in India.

We hear a lot of talk of bureaucrats and civil servants of integrity and honesty. Then how is that just a handful examples of honest bureaucrats come to the public eye. I have heard of only a few examples. One is that of a police officer Y.P.Singh and the other of a civil servant Arun Bhatia. They have one thing is common both were transferred numerous times, superseded and denied promotion, harassed and finally they put in their resignation papers.

In a country ruled by an army of bureaucrats, where are the rest of the so-called honest bureaucrats. Why haven’t the deeds of these men of honesty and integrity come to the public eye? Makes one think if the honest bureaucrats or police officer exists at all. I don’t know how an honest bureaucrat or police survive can in the present Indian set up, he will end up like Singh or Bhatia.

That all politicians are corrupt is a fore gone conclusion. What the politicians have succeeded in doing is creating power and caste lobbies around themselves. This is a more serious problem than a corrupt bureaucracy. They have succeeded in creating barriers in the Indian society; this is true especially in the rural areas, where life is different from that of the cities.

What the media has to do is create public awareness, which reaches the rural areas. This is where a bulk of the votes comes from. We hear a lot of these misguided people talking of their leaders in terms of Tamil pride, Yadav pride, Maratha pride and lot of other prides, when they themselves are desperately trying to make two ends meet.

Religion and caste is the last resort of scoundrels and politicians. The main pawn in the recent 2G scam A. Raja was given a hero’s welcome when he finally resigned and arrived in Chennai. His shameless political bosses said that he was victimized because he belonged to a backward caste.

The larger picture of corruption in India is far more complex and larger than one imagines. To expect a paper tiger authority like the Chief Vigilance Commissioner of India to root out corruption is like asking him to break a mountain with his head.

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  1. vary good say. i have never seen before this kind of details and truth on any of indian new media or from any other person.

    thanks a lot.too me people like you trying to protect india from this congress.

    but real problem is that 90% indian don't use internet. 5% india who use internet they don't care about india.

    1. U dare put an approval banner on us...u need to proofread so that votes are in your favour and then only it will be published to media.666 hanky Panky stuff going on....

  2. What makes u think corruption starts from India only...could be starting from richer countries...maybe using talented Indians not that well off luring them to do work at cheaper cost.just like labourers are selected from India to work in Saudi countries at cheap cost because they know that their own countrymen wouldn't work for less.just like engineers are selected from India and send to the USA because their own breed is incompetent.for they rather survive on dole -eat,merry,party and wait for the next dole.for Indians who have to feed their families are ready to slog.
    Let's say it this way-out the more richer u get the more powerful u r,the more powerful u r u can buy anything or anyone and make them dance at your who is REALLY corrupt?the rich,bold,beautiful or the poor,steady,strong....
    To be precise corruption is all over the globe...somewhere less somewhere more.the rich have means to get away with it and the poor gets caught...sad know....


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