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The reward system of the brain

Brain biochemistry significantly raises good enjoyed pleasures. One major form is dopamine. It functions as a neuro transmitter chemical released by brain cells to send signals to other brain cells. The human brain uses five known types of dopamine receptors. Dopamine plays a major role in our brains, responsible for reward-driven learning. Every studied type of reward increases the level of dopamine transmission within the brain . Dopamine provides an effective teaching signal to parts of the brain responsible for new behaviors.

Karna Pishachini Yakshini Mantra Sadhana 2

This is the third mantra which I am giving of the Karna Pishachini Yakshini; as mentioned before the female mystic entity; who is said to whisper the happenings of the past, present and the future in your ear. This Vidya is practiced to have before hand knowledge of the events about to occur in the future and also the events of the present and past.

Did Nostradamus predict Super Storm Sandy

Did Nostradamus predict the flooding of New York and devastation caused by Super Storm Sandy? Probably the most relevant quatrain in the prophecies of Nostradamus  describes a Garden submerged by unprecedented flooding.  At the time of writing this post the Battery Areas which includes the famous Battery Park is submerged in record flooding of over 13 feet of water.

Brahma Mantras for Education

Brahma the creator; is the source from which Brahma Vidya or Divine or true knowledge flows all over creation. The two mantras given here are said to enhance and bring to the fore dormant educative qualities and skills. Hence these are considered as potent and effective mantras for those engaged in education and learning.

Krishna mantra for peace of mind

This is a Krishna mantra for peace of mind which was given to me by a life long Shri Krishna Bhakt, who practices it daily and is certain that the mantra has had a profound in calming his mind and giving everlasting inner peace. The mantra along with peace of mind is said to grant ultimate liberation; Moksha from the unending life cycle of the soul. Hence it is most suitable for the Spiritually inclined than the materially inclined.

Best Surya Mantra

This is an ancient Surya Ashtakshara Mantra from the Vedas which was practiced by the greatest sages and the seekers of true knowledge or Brahma Vidya in the Vedic times in India. The mantra is from the Surya Upanishad or the Suryopanishad; the text which deals extensively with the worship and rituals related to the Sun. This is one of the best Surya Mantras I have come across.

What happens just before death

The question has been asked many times before; what really happens at the time of death ? Authenticated experiences of Indian Spiritualists say that during the final moments, the events of the just concluded past life are reflected like a mirror in the mind. All the dormant and forgotten thought energies stored in the brain are activated and start manifesting themselves. Thus what ever the brain experienced in the life time is restored during the last moments just before death.

Helpful Mantras for Children

Studies and some kind of fear or the other are the two most pressing and practical problem faced by most children ; especially those kids below the age of 10. Parents unknowingly make problems worse by making kids mechanically chant lengthy mantras; which the child does not enjoy one bit and practices as if it is just another daily burden.

Simple Kundalini Meditation

This is a specific kind of Spiritual Meditation; based upon an ancient Indian method of meditation adapted to the present times. This meditation is helpful to those seeking the path to enlightenment, as well as to those seeking the Non Dual State and Kundalini energizing and awakening. There are different means and methods to activate the Kundalini Shakti; this simple meditation also gives excellent results without time consuming exercises and mantra chanting. This mediation can be done in groups or individually.

Gayatri Mantra for healthy sex life

This is a variation of the great Gayatri Mantra which is chanted for the purposes of increasing sex drive, vigor, strength and vitality. The ancient Indian sages understood the value of a healthy sex life in ensuring domestic and social bliss; hence such variations were composed to utilize the most potent Gayatri Mantra to the fullest.

The dead always return after death

The dead by the force of natural gravity always return back to whichever of the premises it was most attached to in its lifetime; like the home or office; or even both. Most people don’t realize that the dead being is with them even after it leaves its mortal body. This study is based upon authentic sources from Indian Spiritualism as well as the personal experiences of the author.

Genetic evolution in children

In this century, ever more advanced DNA R&D (research & development) by good experts may well develop the ability to replace, into a parent's sources for fresh generated sperms or ova, many selected currently evolved best natural genetic variety differences found already existing within humans. Some parents will certainly want this, for gaining superior infants, male or female, likely to then mature benefiting from natural human genetics produced nicer healthier more disease resistant and more enjoyable good living.

Ganesh Mantra to find a new job

This is a specific Ganesh Mantra to find a new and higher paying job. The Sankalp [pledge] to complete this Mantra Sadhana successfully has to be done in a Ganesha Temple by offering a Prasad of Jaggery and Dried Coconut.

Charm to win Court Cases

This is an Indian Charm to win Court Cases, litigation, success in hearings and conciliation matters; including divorce settlements and debt proceedings. This Charm which is a Yantra has to be prepared on a Bhojpatra with the paste of Gorochan. Write the name of your opponent or the opposing party in place of the word "AMUK" After preparing it energizes it with offerings of white flowers, incense and the lighting of a lamp filled with Ghee.

Navnath Healing Mantra

This is an ancient Shabar Mantra in the Marathi script of the middle ages. The mantra was in those days used to treat sick persons suffering from high temperature fever or the fever which did not subside or the one which kept recurring every three or four days. This mantra is one among those composed by the Navnath Sampradaya in the middle ages in Maharashtra for the purpose of healing.

Mantra before going to bed

This is a most unique mantra to chant before going to bed. The mantra is “Smaran” or remembrance of the Maha Purush; the infinite being and the Kul Purush; the original MAN from whom you descended, sometimes also called the Mool Purush. The worship of the Kulpurusha is widely prevalent in the coastal regions of Konkan and in the state of Goa.

Vijay Ganapati Mantra Sadhana

This is a Siddha Vijay Ganapati Mantra Sadhana for the fulfillment of any task, wish, desire or problem in life. Vijaya or Vijay means victory and Vijay Ganapati is that form of Ganapati which makes one victorious. This is a Sadhana which is performed by many successful persons in India in secrecy, in their homes and is said to be a very powerful and potent Satvik Mantra Sadhana to get the blessings of Ganesha for the successful completion of any specific task or purpose.

Remedy for delay in Girl's Marriage

Try this Indian paranormal remedy if a girl is unable to get married. This remedy is for girls of marriageable age who are unable to find grooms or are rejected by prospective grooms and hence their marriages are delayed. These are common problems in India where 90% of all marriages are arranged marriages.

Mantra to know sounds made by swans

This is another of the unique Indian mantras; this one is to know and understand the sounds made by swans; the language of the swans. Along with the Siddhi of understanding the language of swans, comes the Siddhi to foresee the events of the past, present and the future . This mantra is also known as the Hans Swar Siddhi Mantra.

Annapurna Mantra for housewives

This is the daily Annapurna Mantra Sadhana for housewives and those homemakers who are in charge of the kitchen and storing, purchasing food and food grains for their families. Anna in Hindi or Sanskrit means food and the Goddess who blesses one with all kinds of food for nourishing the body is the Indian deity of Annapurna Devi.

Disease resistant healthier beings in future

How much genetic DNA change does it take to produce significant change? It was reported that humans have mere 1% DNA difference from natural animal chimpanzees. Just 1%? That might seem rather minor, not much difference. Yet that has most highly importantly turned us into much more brainy far more creatively intellectual beings! Our great ability to express things in composed verbal forms in extensive detail of course lets us communicate and then expand technological complexities and much more all around the world.

Ram Mantra for the sick

This is said to be most powerful Shri Ram Mantra to heal the sick and ailing. This mantra is from the Ramcharitmanas. Devote Indians firmly believe that Shri Ram will hear and respond to any cry for help coming from the bottom of the heart. Even Ravana whose last words were “Ram” washed away all his sins and went to Swarg Lok.

Vijaya Laxmi Mantra

Vijay means victory and Vijaya Laxmi; the Laxmi who gives victory; is one of the Ashta Laxmi or the eight forms of Laxmi. This is the Vijaya Laxmi Mantra; the meaning of this mantra is – I pray to the Laxmi who gives victory OR I pray to the Laxmi who is victory.

India needs Kalki Avatar

When the most evil of men get elected as kings and ministers. When the kings themselves will turn thieves and robbers. When the kings themselves will feed on the dead. When the saints and the well healed start prostrating themselves at the feet of the thieves. When the practices thought in the Vedas cease even in the homes of the so called saints.

Laxmi Beej Mantra Sadhana

This is a most powerful Laxmi Beej Mantra Sadhana. This Sadhana has to be done faithfully for 31 consecutive days and at a fixed time in the morning. The Sadhana has to be done keeping a Satvik [pure] frame of mind; without harboring any sort of expectation, greed or malicious and selfish motive in the mind.

Try this to forget someone you love

Try this Indian paranormal remedy to forget someone you love desperately and are unable to get that person out of your mind. This can normally be a one sided love affair or an uncontrollable infatuation which controls your entire being; and you start firmly believing that you cannot live without that person. This can also happen to jilted lovers and divorced people.

Mantra for Mother Earth

This is a mantra said to incur and invoke the blessings of Mother Earth, the Earth Deity, Prithvi Mata or the Bhudevta. In the rush to pray and please all other deities, one must not forget the Mother Earth, for it is on Earth that every living being takes birth on and merges when it perishes. The Earth is what is responsible for our creation, existence and evolution so why forget it.

All powerful mantra

This is a most powerful Shabar Mantra of the Navnath Sampradaya which is dedicated to the Saint and Master Guru Gorakhnath; this is a mantra directed to all Gods and deities for all problems and purposes. This mantra invokes in the name of Guru Gorakhnath , the Shakti “Mahadevi”; the Mother Goddess and the Hindu Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Hence this mantra reaches every deity in the atmosphere.

Try this tip to get sound sleep

Try this simple tip to get sound sleep at night. This simple remedy is for those who suffer from insomnia, those with disturbed sleep patterns, excessive thinking at bed time or simply those who just want a good night’s sleep. You can try this remedy, if you feel some relief you can always continue with it.

Mantra for less intelligent children

This is a Mantra Sadhana especially for those children with less or underdeveloped intelligence. Sometimes the mental growth in some children is slow as compared to their peers. This can be due to numerous factors; including genetic ones. In the trying times of today with loads and loads of burden on kids and their parents; the parents of a less intelligent child; find themselves in an unenviable position.

Mantra Sadhana to win money

This is a Navnath Shabar Mantra Sadhana to win money in lottery, lotto, horse races and other games of chance; including gambling and share markets. Most often people are in a desperate need of money to repay debts and other financial commitments and meet fixed deadlines. Such people then try their hand at such quick money making schemes to resolve their problems.

Future evolution in genetics

Let's expect that most future still purely natural genetic humans will prefer lives with improved more disease resistant health, also with some nice advantages, including some helpfully less often or reduced aches or pains, also with some better or easier frequent pleasures. While some genetics experts study how our ways of developing and then living vary, thanks to past differing natural human genetic varieties, we shouldn't be surprised by some of them extensively investigating many of the fine details within all existing human evolved genetics, linked to how some people may have better disease resistant health, and may gain more nice living advantages, maybe at times including some nicer even daily good happy fun living pleasures.

Most powerful good luck charm

This is a Miraculous charm which is said to have multiple uses and benefits and is said to a most powerful and effective Indian good luck charm. Some of the uses of this charm have been given below. The person who writes this Yantra and always keeps it on his person is said to fulfill his wishes and hopes. The procedure is the same for someone who finds himself in any sort of danger, calamity or threat.

Try this to make teeth shine

Try this simple home remedy to make your teeth whiten and shine. Such simple home remedies have their own worth in avoiding expensive dental surgery in the long run; so why not try such tips now, they cost almost nothing.

Vastu Shastra remedy to sell and buy house

This is a Vastu Shastra remedy to sell and buy a house. Vastu means a dwelling and Devta means the deity of the dwelling and Vastu Shastra means the science of constructing dwellings. These remedies are a part of traditional Indian paranormal remedies and beliefs. This Sadhana is practiced to invoke the blessings of the Vastu Devta in the selling of a house and in purchasing a new one.

Mantra for removing breast pain

This is a specific Shabar Health Mantra to ease breast pain in women. A majority of women are affected by this ailment at some time or the other in their life times. The broad scientific description for this ailment comes under the term Mastalgia. Many times the pain in the breasts is unbearable . This Shabar Mantra promises to ease the pain and give relief.

Charm for husband wife love

This is a good luck charm to bring an increase in the love and affection between a husband and wife. This charm has to be prepared by the wife without the knowledge of her husband in order to lead a contented and blissful married life.

Charm for fear of injustice

This is the charm to remove the fear of injustice. In this competitive age and times of dog eat dog; many people have the genuine fear of some sort of injustice coming their way. Be it in your job or office, workplace, business, college, club or social circle there are always a lot of ambitious people out to harm others in order to climb the ladder quickly.

Dhanya Laxmi Mantra

Dhanya means food grains and Dhanya Lakshmi is the form of Laxmi who resides in food grains. This is the mantra to meditate upon Dhanya Lakshmi. The meaning of this simple mantra is – I salute Laxmi who is in the form of food grains OR the giver of food grains.

Vishnu Laxmi Mantra

This is a Vishnu Laxmi Mantra to meditate upon both Vishnu and Laxmi as one. The two of them can never be separated; where there is Vishnu, there is Laxmi and vice versa. The meaning is simple – I seek the blessings of Vishnu and Laxmi. This is a Satvik Mantra Sadhana.

Will 21 December 2012 Happen

Is 21st December 2012 going to be an anticlimax? Will it Happen? As we start inching closer and closer to this date; arguably the most awaited one in history; mass mania will start replacing the expectation. Just 2 and half months remain for D DAY. A lot of sites all over the net have staked their reputation on it; the day of reckoning fast approaches for a whole lot of people.

Genetically designed food plants

As genetics experts keep improving what they could do, it will often be considered best for fruits to be of a maximum size, sometimes long with a thin protective layer which we can easily peal off. This could protect them from insect damage. Bigger animal pests could be kept fenced out from farms and gardens, or always robotically repelled away. Seeds could be limited to one end of such big long fruits. Or some seeds could be amply formed better than old edible ones such as ancient peanuts.

Ram Mantra for Money Problems

These are a couple of Shri Ram mantras from the Ram Charitmanas which will remove poverty, money problems and debts. These Doha’s are simple mantras in simple script; yet the key is in the way you practices such mantras. There are numerous methods; I will tell you about a really effective Sadhana to make these popular mantras more potent.

Mystery Babylon the Great unravelled

The most sought after mystery to be unraveled and decoded from the Revelation is the one about the - “MYSTERY OF BABYLON’ or “THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS” or “ WHORE OF BABYLON” or “BABYLON THE GREAT” and what goes by numerous  other such abusive tittles. The key to decoding this mystery is said to be identifying the seven hills, taken for granted as the seven hills of Babylon by most and the seven hills of Rome by some. The other key is the"WOMAN WHO RIDES A BEAST"

Mantra to control Lions

This is a mantra to bring lions under your spell and to control them. This mantra like the previous one on controlling snakes ; immobilizes and hypnotizes them and makes them docile and harmless towards you. Again needless for me to say do not try this experiment as it is given here only as an interesting bit of information.

Mantra to control snakes

This is an ancient mantra to hypnotize, immobilize, subdue and control snakes. This mantra has to be chanted 21,000 times on the night of the auspicious Indian festival of Diwali. This Sadhana has to be conducted in an unpopulated and lonely place where there in no disturbance of any kind. The completion of the Sadhana successfully is said to bestow Siddhi [mastery] over this secret knowledge.