Vijay Ganapati Mantra Sadhana

This is a Siddha Vijay Ganapati Mantra Sadhana for the fulfillment of any task, wish, desire or problem in life. Vijaya or Vijay means victory and Vijay Ganapati is that form of Ganapati which makes one victorious. This is a Sadhana which is performed by many successful persons in India in secrecy, in their homes and is said to be a very powerful and potent Satvik Mantra Sadhana to get the blessings of Ganesha for the successful completion of any specific task or purpose.

Vijay Ganapati Mantra for emerging victorious
Vijay Ganapati Mantra

The steps to be followed are given here in a chronological order.
An idol of Vijay Ganapati has to be installed in the home. The Pran Prathishta ceremony or the ritual of infusing or breathing life into the idol has to be done; if you do not know how to do this rite, you can get it done through a priest. This has to be done on a Wednesday.
This done; the Sadhana can be commenced and the day has to be a Wednesday.
Early in morning after having a bath and wearing clean cloths sit before the idol of Ganesha; facing towards the East,
Use a red colored cotton or woolen mat to sit on.
Apply Kesar [Saffron] on the idol.
Then put a Tilak of Raktachandana [Red Sandalwood] on the forehead of the idol.
Then offer a Prasad of Jaggery by keeping it before the idol.
Then take 21 red flowers and dipping each flower in a mug of water offer it to Ganesha by keeping the flower at the feet of the idol.
While offering each and every flower state the aspiration, purpose or desire for which you are offering the flower.
Then commence chanting the mantra which is given here.
This mantra has to be chanted 125,000 times in a period of 5 days.
Then on completion of the Sadhana on the 6th day invite 5 young girls who have not reached the stage of puberty for lunch and give some kind of gift to each of them.

This successful completion of this Sadhana ensures success or victory in whatever task, wish, want, desire or problem which you have placed before Vijay Ganapati.

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  1. Pranam guru ji, i would like to ask you that pran pratishtha of an idol at home is correct? Somebody told me that pranprathishta is done in temple only.

    1. No that is incorrect, Pran Prathishta can also be performed at home.

  2. Pranam guruji, i asked a priest for pran prathishta as u said in ur article but he is saying that there are lots if restrictions aftr that, like i cant use garlic in house, i have to light a lamp before ganapati ji every evening, make them bath. As i am a working lady, so it seems to be impossibile for me. Please suggest me what to do. I really want to perform this sadhana.

    1. Garlic, Onion, Ginger and all such item normally used in non-veg cooking should not be consumed on the day the Prana Prathishta takes place and not for ever.
      Only a lamp needs to be lit before the idol in the morning and evenings every day and it take little time to clean the idol with wet cloth every morning.

  3. Thanks a lot guru ji for replying to my queries by giving your precious time. And one thing more that i also have to offer food that we eat to ganesh ji?


    1. If you know nothing about it, it is better to get it done by some Pujari.

  5. Pranam guruji, if you have daughters like who are not matured. Can we also consider or else we have 5 girls from other family. ?

    1. You can consider the girls from your family.

  6. Guruji One more question i have is that instead of idol can we use the image and also aprox when i can start doing this( in this month) Please let me know . Thank you in advance .

    1. You can commence the Mantra Prayoga on any auspicious day or Tithi.
      The use of the Ganpati Idol is specifically mentioned in the Tantra, hence there is no substitute.

    2. Guruji, can i read mantra morning and evening ? do we neef to keep 21 flowers everyday ? I am asking because continuously 3 to 4 hours sitting is not possible with kids. Please reply I want to start in this month since it is very auspicious.

    3. The Mantra Prayoga should be performed as mentioned in the article.


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