India needs Kalki Avatar

When the most evil of men get elected as kings and ministers.
When the kings themselves will turn thieves and robbers.
When the kings themselves will feed on the dead.
When the saints and the well healed start prostrating themselves at the feet of the thieves.
When the practices thought in the Vedas cease even in the homes of the so called saints.

The signs give a brief indication of the peak of Kali Yuga when the forces of darkness will be in predominance over the masses; as well as the resources of the world. These signs are strongly indicated in the Vishnu, Bhagavata, Agni, Padma and Kalki Puranas; the sources of Indian prophecy on the advent of Vishnu’s 10th and ultimate Avatar; the Kalki Avatar.

The dating of these prophecies is given as the peak of Kali Yuga. Most Hindu scholars take into consideration specific dating based upon Hindu Cosmology as the peak of Kali Yuga and there is some disagreement as to the exact dating.

However one has to just look around and see for oneselves the condition prevalent in India to judge for oneself. We have the Prime Minister of India accused of abetting the various multi Billion Dollars scams and also of active participation in the recently exposed Coal Scam. At the time of writing this article there is a huge uproar over the charges against the Minister of Law and Justice for embezzlement of funds meant for purchasing hearing aids, tricycles and other equipment for the most needy sections of society - the handicapped.

These two examples are just some amongst the numerous scams which are regularly stumbling out of the closet and this is just a tip of the iceberg. What still remains in the closet will frighten the daylights out of most Indians.

With 1.2 Billion Indians at the mercy of the looters; I don’t know which is the next peak to be scaled before arrive at the peak of Kali Yuga. With the system of governance in a state of collapse and the looters fighting amongst themselves for the spoils; if this is not the peak then I shudder to think how it will be like.

What India and most Indians need most is the arrival of Kalki Avatar. The real meaning of Kalki Avatar is the “remover of dirt’. This is what Indian needs desperately, divine intervention to remove the dirt.

This is a guest post by Shri Dinkar Narhar of the Navnath Sampradaya.

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