Try this to forget someone you love

Try this Indian paranormal remedy to forget someone you love desperately and are unable to get that person out of your mind. This can normally be a one sided love affair or an uncontrollable infatuation which controls your entire being; and you start firmly believing that you cannot live without that person. This can also happen to jilted lovers and divorced people.

Now the remedy – Take a small piece of iron and heat it till it becomes really hot and then immerse it in a utensil filled with water. Then remove it from the water when it gets cold. Then reheat the piece of iron and again immerse it in the same utensil. Do this a total of three times, each time saying to yourself; just as the piece of iron gets cold when I put it in water, so also will my love for “name” get cold.

Then after completing this step sprinkle some of that water on your chest and wash your face with the rest of the water. This entire procedure has to be conducted for 3 consecutive days,

This spell can also be tried on a friend who wants to be free from such unwanted love fantasies, you only have to sprinkle the water on the chest and wash his or her face.

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  1. Better than forgetting can't we get a remedy to get him/her back to our life.
    Waiting for ur answer

  2. this Remedy works wonders, you can see result after 4-5 days. i vouch for it.

    1. Will this work if instead of the person, you sprinkle the water on the photo of their face and chest if the person is not close by, but going through this love sickness?

    2. Hi Anish,
      I did the above remedy on 16th May, 2014 Friday, but i am still in love with that guy. Its seriously disturbing.
      You have mentioned that this remedy works in 4-5 days, can u tell me how long will it take for it to work for me?
      please reply. I am worried.

    3. It is very powerful.. It definitely worked for me.. I was not able to get over the memoirs of my ex. .however as we parted ways it was very painful for both of us. Did this experiment prior to marriage as I did not want my past to overshadow my future.. Now j have a happy stable life. It works. .Tha ks for the wonderful remedy

  3. If the friend is not close by, can sprinkling the water on the photo of their chest and face be as effective? Would it work?

    1. No photo will not do the person has to actually take part in the Sadhana.

    2. Thank you very much! Can the water from the first day of used for quenching the hot iron be used for next 3 days to sprinkle on the chest and wash the face? If that would work I can send the treated water in a bottle to my friend in the other city to use. Thanks.

    3. no the exiperiment should done by the lovelace person only and every he should take iron and heat and do the procedure not same water for everyday

  4. Neel Sir,
    I am married since 5 years and last year i fell in love with a guy who used to do very sweet talks with me. Due to some reasons, we parted our ways and now i am not able to forget his love and i feel like going back to him again but he is rejecting me saying that his mother will not accept me as I am already married.
    I am not able to accept that he does not love me and i am taking medications for depression.
    My husband knows about it and I want to start a new life with my husband. I want to forget my boyfriend. His talks, the time spent with him disturbs me a lot. I have tried committing suicide too.
    I beg you, please help me. I want to forget him forever. Please, Please, Please help me.
    I don't have money for this because I am a housewife. Please help me for god's sake.
    Please help me. I hope you will not do any black magic because i have heard that it is dangerous...
    Please reply. I am dying every single second.

    1. This particular remedy is exactly for the problem you are facing, you can try it if you wish.

  5. Hii sir
    am aman
    Can i do this during periods ?

  6. hi aman i m sandy saxena from mumbai i also loved someone till we were frinds & he just started going after some other girl when it just passed 4 months i got very sad every second i had also his imagery in others i imagined him his body his face his eyes every time opened eyes and in dreams also when it passed one and half year i started ways to forget him i saw this publication and told my best frind about this & why i was going to do so she asked me firsty to do mohni at him i did it and he come to me after 2' 3 weeks & asked me to have friendship also promised not to do it again AMAN whats matter that u r going to try this i also feel thanks mr neel

  7. Hiii sandy m aman from punjabits very hard for me to forget him if u . My bf is talking to me. Plz tell me about mohini how to do it. Or explain me about mohini or send me link to how do this mohini. Thx sis plz reply me soon sandy

  8. Hello Neel guruji,

    Don’t mistake me I want to practise this against my husband because he doesn’t care for me anymore as now he shows more care towards his moms. I would have been good with her but as ours was love cum arranged marriage she never accepted me and acts as if she is good in front of my husband. She has purchased her own house and recently we also purchased a new house and she came to our house and I came out of the house.last time when she came home both of them created a big fight with me and I fainted and was hospitalised. I think she did some black magic for me so I go out of the house and my husband also is silent supporting her. I don’t want to hassle myself more with this pain. Can I practice this so I can forget him . We have 8 yrs old daughter also.

    1. This remedy will work on any person, including an husband whose love you want to forget.

  9. Can you please mention any household material where iron is present? I am not able to find iron material


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