The dead always return after death

The dead by the force of natural gravity always return back to whichever of the premises it was most attached to in its lifetime; like the home or office; or even both. Most people don’t realize that the dead being is with them even after it leaves its mortal body.

This study is based upon authentic sources from Indian Spiritualism as well as the personal experiences of the author.

The soul of the dead being leaves the material body and more often than not during the transitory stage, moves around as it discovers its new found bliss and freedom. The soul or the mental aspect of the body; the software resembles a milky white or silverish oval shaped entity about one and a halt feet long and a foot wide.

The period of the transitory stage might fluctuate; a few days here and there. The soul if it wishes can give a vision of itself to anyone it pleases. From authentic sources that have had the good fortune of having such a vision; a touch from the soul of the dead being gives a feeling of indescribable bliss.

As said before the dead being by sheer force of habit returns back to its most preferred premises and moves around for a few days till the time comes for it to move to the next stage of its evolution. The residents of the premises do not realize that the departed soul is with them listening and watching them. A businessman or someone who has left some unfinished business will try to influence the people who have taken over his worldly property, the only thing is that they will not be able to hear or feel it.

This stage is designed to give the dead being a true picture of who its well wishers in the just concluded past life were and those who had love and affection for it. The dead being can thus see and experience for itself what happens to the worldly processions it coveted over during its life time. It can see for itself people scheming and plotting to lay their hands over its property. It can see its descendants prepare for legal battles and litigation.

This is the first of the stages which the soul of the dead being has to pass through as its prepares for its next step in its natural course of evolution. This stage is a lessen to know the truth about its friends, family and loved ones, in the just concluded past life. Always remember dead always return after death even if its for just a short period of time.

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  1. Revered Sir
    I want to meet you in person would that be possible?I stay in kolkata

  2. Good to read..and although I have not experienced it but very close family members have experienced. The departed soul did his everyday thing in his opening his trunk and checking his belongings.The elder brother went in that room and called his name loud, told him not to worry his belongings would be taken care of and that now he should go to his world in peace....the noise stopped immediately and never occured ever again.

    1. The article is based on authentic sources, including something experienced by me, which, I would not like to disclose.

    2. Absolutely Sir.I cannot explain how and why but I believe in it completely.
      Thank you for your immense hard work and devotion that comes across to us through this channel.

  3. Sir, when dead come back to see us and as time comes goes to their next journey. But if called by some of his/her family members, can they again come and show their presence?

  4. Neel sir..I just read this article and now I realize that the dead actually come back.sir in reality we Hindus are told and instructed about thousands of ways to give peace to dead family members.we have so much of contradictory views about what to do or many many rules to follow.infact among knowledgeble people,some say doing shradh yearly is not necessary while some say it is very necessary.if u take the services of a priest it too involves a lot of rules and a lot of buying of things and costly too.neel sir please answer and clear me and others question is this sir,as below..
    Can we chant any mantra of the gods that we used to chant,praying and asking at the same time that the chanting of the mantra gives peace and a safe journey upward to the now departed soul or even long departed family members souls.just too many confusions in every ritual,coupled with increasing cost and the psychological impact that we can get if later we realize that rituals had been left out by the priests or due to our inability to pay for more.please answer neel sir


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