Will 21 December 2012 Happen

Is 21st December 2012 going to be an anticlimax? Will it Happen? As we start inching closer and closer to this date; arguably the most awaited one in history; mass mania will start replacing the expectation. Just 2 and half months remain for D DAY. A lot of sites all over the net have staked their reputation on it; the day of reckoning fast approaches for a whole lot of people.

It is easy to say that the world won’t end; simple because there is a 50% chance that it won’t; by the law of averages. This site has been saying for the past 4 years that the world is not going to end. This observation was based upon the prophecies of Nostradamus, the Bible; as well as the Indian Prophecy of 21 December 2012, which I had decoded.

This does not mean that there is not going to any change; the change has already started showing; the only thing is that most people do not see it happening. There is a concept of natural laws known as a “Relative Doomsday”.

This is a localized Doomsday which affects small sections of the worlds surface area; rather than the entire surface area of the world. The pace of localized Doomsdays has been gathering pace over the past decade and will continue to gather momentum; the peak will the Battle of Armageddon; World War 3. This is the period when the Destructive forces in nature will be at their peak.

After the peak there will be a slow decline, this so because by then much of the worlds population will have been wiped out by a series of smaller Doomsdays. Its not only wars but natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and famines which are Localized Doomsdays. Wars and even most cases famines come under the category of man made Doomsdays.

As stated in earlier posts the fight for dominance between the three forces of nature – Destructive, Protective and Creative is nearing it peak as the world approaches the peak of Kaliyuga. Not a bright and rosy future, eh?

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