Nostradamus - Miracle before World War 3

Nostradamus in this prophecy describes a miracle taking place just before the Empire Changes. The Empire referred to here could refer to the present form of governance prevalent in the world today; with its governments and man made religions.

The timing as given by Nostradamus could by somewhere in the near future as we already are in the peak of Kali Yuga. This could be just before the much awaited  battle of Armageddon or the  World War 3. Such a miracle or supernatural event has never occurred before in the history of the world; so a futuristic prophecy.

Century 1 - 43.
Auant qu'aduienne le changement d'Empire,
Il adviendra vn cas bien merveilleux :
Le champ muй, le piller de porphire,
Mis, tranѓlatй ѓur le rocher noiѓeux.
”Before the change of the Empire takes place a miracle will occur.. A field will moved and a pillar of porphyry shall be placed upon a gnarled rock.”

Nostradamus could be hinting at what has been described as the “second coming” or the manifestation of Vishnu’s last Avatar; the Kalki Avatar. The field moved and a Pillar of Porphyry with some message could be a warning to the world leaders.

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