Kamala Laxmi Mantra Sadhana

This is the Kamala Laxmi Mantra Sadhana; the Goddess of wealth holding a Lotus flower in her hands. This mantra Sadhana has to be commenced in the Hindu month of Vaishakh during the ascendancy of Swati Nakshatra [Arcturus] by chanting this mantra 120,000 times; this gains mastery over the mantra.

The chanter of this Laxmi Mantra has to keep an image of Laxmi holding the Lotus flower in her hand, in his mind.

This Laxmi Sadhana is said to solve all your money related problems and worries.

Kamala Laxmi Mantra Sadhana  for money and comforts
Kamla Laxmi Mantra

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  1. Dear Neel Sir,

    A few question regarding this mantra:-
    1. Within how many days the chanting should be completed after starting it on Swati Nakshatra?
    2. Any food restriction for this sadhna?
    3. May we chant this mantra any time of the day or night?
    4. Sphatik or Kamalgatta rosary is okay for this sadhna?
    5. Instead of imagining, may we use a photo of Kamala while chanting this mantra?

    Thanking you...

  2. Dear Neel Sir,

    I wish to perform this sadhna. Direction: North. Robes: Yellow. Photo of Goddess Kamala. Mala: Lotus sead. Time: Afternoon. Incense stick. At least 11 rosaries everyday. You suggest that 120,000 chanting is needed to complete the sadhna. It means 1111 rosaries of chanting should be done, hence it will take 101 days to complete the sadhna. Should I chant a few more rosaries at night (not daily basis) if I get time at night? The Swati Nakshatra in Baishakh falls on 3rd May 2015, Sunday commencing at 08:44 and lasts till Monday 10:32. So if the above arrangements are okay, give me permission in advance so that I can perform this sadhna. In case, you suggest any change in the arrangements, please do not forget to mention.

    Thanking you...

    1. Yes, you can commence the Mantra Sadhana as desired by you.
      You can chant the Mantra during the night time, however, if doing so. it is better that you do a fixed number of Mantra Chants per day,

    2. Thanks for your permission...

    3. And please check the date and timing that I have mentioned above whether it is accurate. I got it from an online panchang website. I do not want to make a mistake while commencing this sadhna...

    4. It is correct, But also check the local Panchang in your region.

  3. Dear sir
    Iam a dentist in dubai.I started this mantra of laxshmi ma ..on 14th Feb 108 times everyday ..Also iam eating nonveg ?.Will it be useful for new job.?..Thanks


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