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Mantra to Gain Money and Love at the Same Time

In this post, is given a Fortune Opening Mantra that also brings love into the life of the practitioner. This is a very beneficial Satvik Mantra from the Jain Tantra that attracts love, happiness, and prosperity at the same time.

Most Powerful Vashikaran Spells from Bhoot Damar Tantra

In this post, I have written about the most powerful standalone Vashikaran Love Spells from a version of the Bhoot Damar Tantra. These Vashikaran Spells do not need the use of any Mantra, Yantra, or Worship to make them work.

Most Powerful Kali Mata Mantra Prayog

Whenever a person thinks that he has lost hope in life, he lacks energy or his energy levels are very low at that time he should take shelter in Maa Kali because Maa Kali is very kind and gives results and benefits very quickly to her devotee. - Post By Guru

4 Bhoot Damar Tantra Remedies for Becoming Rich and Prosperous

In this post, I have described four paranormal remedies for becoming rich and prosperous, which are contained in one of the versions of the Bhoot Damara Tantra. These are standalone remedies that do not need the chanting of any Mantra or Prarthana or the use of any Yantra.

Mantra to Attract Anyone Using Mirror

A very unique Mantra, which can be used for the two different purposes of increasing the beauty of the practitioner and as a Vashikaran Mantra for attracting any desired man or woman using a mirror has been described in this post.

Magical Beej Mantra for Fulfilling Any Wish

Many of our regular readers regularly request me to write about a simple and easy to chant Standalone Magical Mantra for fulfilling all or any tasks and getting success in anything desired by them. In this post, I have described one such most powerful Beej Mantra for fulfilling any wish or getting success in any task.

Yantra Prayog for Money Gains

A very strong and effective Numerical Yantra Experiment for a gain of money and wealth has been described in this post. As per a reliable Tantric Text, if the practitioner succeeds in this Yantra Prayog he will start gaining money and wealth on the completion of this paranormal experiment.

Mantra Remedy if Cat Crosses your Path

Over the past few years,, I have received a lot of mail from readers asking for paranormal solutions or remedies for the problem of a cat, especially a black colored cat crossing their path. Some people have even asked me if there is any truth connected to this paranormal belief or widespread superstition.

Tantra to Start and Stop Rains

In this post, I have written about simple Tantric Experiments to start and stop rains. These are both independent Paranormal Experiments, which can also be practiced separately which is to make it rain and to stop rains.

Why Astrologers Failed to Predict COVID-19

I have got a lot of mail, asking me why the Coronavirus Pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns were not predicted by astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, psychics, and other fortune-tellers and people who make future predictions.