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Yantra [Charm] for increasing Breast Milk

This is an Indian healing Yantra  [Charm] for increasing the quantity of Breast Milk or to purify the Breast Milk and remove impurities if it is not of a good quality or unsuitable for the child.  In this post, is explained the procedure of preparing the Yantra, which comprises of some unique Sanskrit Beej letters. Women, who are facing the conditions mentioned above, can try using this Yantra.

Indian Remedies to Improve Love Life

 Medicine for Physical Strength has always been a part of traditional Indian Medicine and many unique remedies for resolving all kinds of ailments and conditions related to this subject have been and are still being practiced in India. These remedies, including, the home remedies, make the use of various herbs, fruits, spices, minerals and other such ingredients, having Medicinal and Curative properties.

Guru Dosha Nivaran Remedies

Guru Dosha means having a weak, afflicted and malefic Jupiter in the horoscope. If someone has been told that he has a Guru Dosha in his horoscope, then there is no need to panic, simple remedies can be practiced to rectify this astrological defect . In this post, are given the simplest of Guru Dosha Nivaran remedies.

Future relations between different Human Species

By now, increasing numbers of ordinary Earth humans had been coming to quietly tolerate moderns being genetically improved beyond old natural human folks. Conservative religious haters of moderns, proclaiming moderns to be evil corruptions violating God's (Allah's, Jahveh's) supposed Divine Perfect Creation of Soulful Humans, (proudly claimed to be greatly Specially Superior above any other life form), had been failing to raise much of the support they desired from the general public, such as to hate uses of genetic improvements for moderns, good for better health or reduced aging.

Was the Buddha an Avatar of Vishnu

The controversy triggered by the Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati, refuses to subside. In fact, a lot more debates and discussions on the merits and demerits of worshiping Shirdi Sai Baba are cropping up every day. As said in an earlier post, this appears to be a motivated attempt to create a divide in the Hindu religion.

12 Japa Mantras of Ganesha

In this post, I have complied 12 Japa Mantras, which I think should be useful for the selfless Ganesha Sadhak. The Japa of Ganesha is a kind of mental Upasana for the Sadhak, to remember that his God Ganesha his there with him always.  In this way the spiritual devote is able to connect and be one with Ganesha.

Vashikaran Mantra to put Spell on Neighbours

The Vashikaran Mantra given below is a multipurpose Attraction Mantra and probably one of the most famous and popular of the various Spells of Enchantment. Most of the experiments performed using this mantra are quite similar in nature and some of them are already given by me on this site. In this post, is given a simple variation of this Mantra to put quarrelsome and uncooperative neighbors under a Vashikaran Spell.

Nostradamus Prophecy on Russian Revolution

There is an interesting prophecy made by Nostradamus on a Barbarian Empire being taken over by the Third Estate and the destruction of the Royals. This Quatrain has been attributed by most Nostradamus commentators to be related to the events relating to the French revolution . This is so because the phrase “Third Estate” is of French origin, a description of the common people, not part of the clergy or royalty.

NWO plans to divide and destroy Hindu Religion

The New World Order whose ultimate goal for India is to destroy Hinduism as a religion, suffered a setback when a large cross section of Hindus came together to vote Narendra Modi an outsider to power.  It appears that they have changed their initial strategy of making all out frontal attacks on the Hindu religion. Recent developments show that they are now planning to divide and destroy the Hindu religion by making them fight each other.

Future Grasslands in Space

With ever improved increasingly capable robotic serving devices freeing high orbiting settlers from ever more old human tedious frequent tasks, what to do with so much freed time was debated more. How about trying more inventions? Several could be useful down on Earth. Moderns could keep any involvement in this undisclosed if that might hinder acceptance of such inventions, (due to continued violent hatred against moderns by some religious conservatives ).

Mantra for Physical Mental and Vastu Problems

This is an extremely rare and unknown Shabar Mantra from the Navnath Sampradaya for resolving and removing physical problems like diseases and ailments, problems related to the mind like tension, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems and problem related to Vastu Dosha. This is a Siddha Mantra, and extremely potent for the dedicated and advanced spiritual aspirants.

Home Remedies using Bananas

It is said in India that eating a banana in the morning is worth copper, if eaten in the afternoon it is worth silver and worth gold if eaten in the evenings. In this post, I have included some selected home remedies and health benefits of bananas.

Shankaracharya wrong about Sai Baba of Shirdi

Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati stated yesterday that Sai Baba of Shirdi should not be worshipped as a deity because he was human and temples dedicated to Sai Baba should not be constructed. This uncalled for statement has caused much grief and sorrow to the devotees of Sai Baba.

Hindu Gods for Appeasing Nine Planets

Traditional Indian astrology recommends the worship of specific Hindu deities as a remedy to appease, make favorable and gain the full benefits of the nine main planets, as per traditional Vedic astrology . In this post, I have given the names of the Gods for individual planets, whose Upasana is essential is appeasing them.

Mantra to treat Hydrocele

This is a Shabar Indian Healing Mantra  to treat and cure Hydrocele.  Known in the Hindi language as Andavriddhi, there is an accumulation of water in the reproductive region.  This condition is not exclusive to males, females and children can also be affected by Hydrocele. In females, the fluid accumulates in the Labia region.

Mantra to make Enemy Lose Concentration

If an enemy in intent upon harming you, then there is a specific Mantra Experiment to make the enemy lose his concentration and prevent him from harming you. This Sadhana, like most such Mantra Sadhanas, is a fearsome Spell and should be practiced when all doors are closed and there are no options available.

Enjoyable Fullball Vacation World in Future - 5

Let's be quite truthful about Earth human behavior. Most all Earth humans regularly enjoyed giving frequent times for several things offering enjoyable happy living pleasures. Most would spend hours daily often with family members, watching fresh video entertainments, including fun series episodes, enjoyable movies, and sports. And many would even yearly give at least a few weeks for family vacation trips to interesting places contributing good variety to their lives, while often nice for the happier fun lives of their children.

Lucky Yantra [Talisman] for Women

This is a Lucky Yantra, regarding marriage and progeny for Women. This Talisman comprises of the root letters of a Hindu Mantra, which aids in attracting harmonious frequencies. If a girl desires marriage or if a married woman desires progeny, then the Yantra can be of use.

Parad Laxmi Ganesha Debts Removal Mantra

The Parad Idols of Laxmi and Ganesha are invoked together, by way of a special and most powerful Mantra Sadhana to remove debts and financial burdens of all kinds. The Parad idols are idols, prepared by using Mercury as the main component, these idols are freely available in the market. In this post, I will explain, how this Laxmi Ganesha Mantra Prayog is conducted.

Vashikaran Mantra to Attract a City

The mantra contained in this post is a Vashikaran Mantra to put an attraction and enchantment spell on a particular locality, village, town or even a city. Practitioners of such spells, who were visiting other towns for work or pleasure, practiced this Shabar Vashikaran Spell in the middle ages. In today’s times, this mantra should be useful to marketing persons or those going to other cities for business or even tourists, to make their stay in a particular are full of pleasure and fruitful.

Future Transformed Humans in Space

The much improved robotically served ever more easy living up in the high orbiting settlements had kept becoming ever more greatly transformed outside of all our past accepted familiar Earth living, thanks to ever more being provided by repeatedly improved ever more capable robotic mining, refining, construction, manufacturing, farming, and serving devices. These kept covering ever more old daily living tasks and chores we humans had for so long habitually needed to devote much time to, to acquire food etc. and to survive throughout our history, (also having been required more, spanning back through our ancient prehistory).

Mantra to have Sakshatkar of Hanuman

The language and wordings of many Shabar Mantras might not make sense to many Indians these days.  However, what has to be kept in mind is that the composers of these mantras used one or the other of the numerous spoken languages and the vocabularies of the early and late middle ages India, these script have long since ceased to exist.  The mantra given in this post is one such unknown mantra, which enables a disciple of Hanuman to have a Sakshatkar or direct and first hand realization of Hanuman.

Prophecies of Nostradamus on Iraq

The land of Babylon appears many times in the prophecies of Nostradamus.  There is no doubt about the geographical location of this ancient region, Babylon is in Iraq, and there no other Babylon in the world.  A few years back, I had attributed some Quatrains as referring to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan , these Quatrains, describe unprecedented strife, war and doom and a trigger to a wider global conflict , the third world war.

Muslim Fear Removing Mantra

This Muslim Ayat is used as a mantra, in an experiment for the removal of fright, fear and dread. If the practitioner is scared of any kind of incoming danger to his or his loved ones lives, then he can conduct this experiment, which removes the danger. The process of conducting the Mantra Experiment is given below. This Prayog has to be conducted after sunset on any Thursday in front of a Mazar [grave] or a Dargah [shrine constructed over a grave].

Incense to Exorcise Black Magic

Incense has always been used in India to purify the house and remove all kinds of Dark Energies.  Such Black Energies enter the house, if the inmates are at the receiving end of Black magic, Curses or simply the Black Eye of a jealous person. Indian Tantra Shastra prescribes certain kinds of Dhoop [incense] for this purpose. In this post, I will explain how such a Black Magic removing Dhoop can be easily prepared at home and used to exorcise the house of all harmful and evil energies.

Tantra on Directions for Important Work

There is a Hindu Tantra, which gives the directions to avoid for each day of the week, while leaving the home or office for some important or auspicious work, including business or domestic tasks. The Tantra says that there is less likelihood of being successful or delays in getting the desired results, if one has travels in these directions on a particular day of the week.

Ganesha Totka for Business Problems

This is Shri Ganesha Totka for Guru Pushya Yoga. This remedy is useful for the business persons who are finding it hard to control the outflow of money from their business. On the day of Guru Pushya Yoga, the practitioner has to prepare a small cloth bag made from green colored cloth.

Future Space World Homes- 2

With weights in homes in the high orbiting cylinder settlement ranging most comfortably like 1/8 - 1/4 - 3/8 of Earth surface gravity, in the Fullball world's homes cylinders, seats didn't need much if any cushioning. An air mattress was the most which one might want to stay very comfortable on a bed or sofa. (This had been all which Earth vacationers needed to comfortably rest in a tent many nights while on camping trips through some wildernesses.)

Mantra to Hypnotise people around you

This is a mantra, which is said to hypnotize the people around you, by putting a hypnotism spell on them.  The people sought to be put under the spell have to be near the practitioner, in an eye contact range. In this post, I will explain how this Hypnotism Spell is mastered. The Mastery has to be gained during the period of any Solar or Lunar Eclipse, Holi, Navratri, Sankranti, the period of Diwali or any other auspicious Hindu date or festival.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Liquor Addiction

These days, as always, I am getting a lot of mail from readers, hoping to find a remedy to remove the liquor addiction of a loved one, mostly from sad wives, hoping that their drunkard husband will somehow give up his love for alcohol. In the past, I have published some remedies for this problem; in this post is a simple Upay from the Lal Kitab , which, I have explained for the benefit of helpless relatives of drunkards.

Home Remedies with Sesame Seeds

Sesame Seeds are of three types black, white and red. Black Sesame Seeds are said to be the best for health and nutrition. There are many home remedies for curing diseases and ailments practiced in Indian, which make the use of Sesame Seeds. In this post, I have given a selection of unique home remedies making the use of Sesame Seeds.

Daily Ganesha Sai Baba Mantra for Help

Many pure minded common people have one thing in common, faith in the Vighnaharta Ganesha and the ultimate Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi . Millions of devote Indians, look up these revered deities for help and direction, in resolving their problems. In this post, is given a simple Parthana, which can be chanted like a help seeking mantra.

Future Space World Homes

Folks recently lifted up the cable lift, to reach the high orbiting settlements, (at about 1% the cost of using any past rocket lifts), were mostly contented with the way homes had been robotically provided. Most such Fullball world homes were in suspended multilevel homes cylinders having 5 pairs of homes levels all around both cylinder ends. Such homes cylinders were thus slightly effectively like old Earth city blocks maybe having 2 level homes along their 4 sides, and similarly having inner joined yards here between homes. Here these usually had 5 twin 2m high (6'7") levels, with normally pair-level homes out around at both ends of the cylinder. The central 4 "levels" were an open play park.

Vashikaran Mantra for Runaway Lover

This is an Indian enchantment spell to attract and back into your life a lover who has runaway or left you. This Akarshan Mantra is believed to bring back your ex-lover into your life by putting an attraction spell on him or her. Likewise the same spell can be used to bring back into your life any other loved one, like a friend, family member , relative or even a husband or wife who has left you. In this post, I will explain how this Akarshan Prayog is conducted.

Yantra [Charm] to become Tension Free

In this post is given a Hindu Yantra Charm to become free from the tensions of life. This Yantra is dedicated to the great Master Guru Gorakhnath of the Navnath Sampradaya of India.  This is a healing Charm as it frees the practitioner from tension and hence prevents serious diseases and ailments, related to the mind from entering the body.

Mantra to get Jewels in Sleep

This is one of those strange Hindu Mantras, which are believed to make use of unknown powers in the atmosphere to give unknown  wealth , through unknown means to the practitioner. This Mantra given by me in this post is said to give gems and jewels to the practitioner every night.  However, it is not possible for me to vouch for its effectiveness.

Ganpati Klesh Nivaran Mantra Experiment

This Ganpati Mantra is used in a Klesh Nivaran Experiment, to relieve the strife, hardships and tribulations experienced by many persons in their lives. This Ganpati Mantra Sadhana is powerful, yet simple to practice and can be useful to the Ganesh Bhakt, who is experiencing the problems, mentioned above. In this post, I will explain how to practice this experiment.

Modi and the New World Order Prophecies

Very few people are aware of fact that there has always been a strong New World Order in India. Of those, few who are aware of it, still fewer know what it stands for and what its ultimate goals are.  It has existed much before the India’s independence, at the time of independence; the roots were stronger than ever before.

Mantras for Domestic and Family Peace

The Mantras given by me in this post are ones for domestic and family peace and are to be chanted daily in the house. These mantras are essentially for the common person, wishing to have a blissful atmosphere, full of peace and tranquility in his or her home, sincerely chanting these mantras will improve the relations amongst the family members residing in the house, including the marital relations husband and wife.

Better Fullball Worlds of Future

As more and more folks moved up into the high orbiting Fullball world, it occasionally had to be expanded. It eventually became convenient to have wide air tubes formed to blow folks to others if many minutes away by simple air swimming.

Healing Diseases by Rudraksha Water

The healing and medicinal properties of Rudraksha are well know and documented. Many diseases and ailments can be cured by the use of the Rudraksha . In this post, I will explain how Rudraksha Jal [Rudraksha Water] is prepared and how this water can be used to treat and heal diseases and ailments, including some serious ones.

Gambling Numbers In Sleep Mantra

This mantra is believed to give the practitioner the numbers of all games of chance, like lottery, lotto, horseracing, card games in a casino, sports betting and other gambling sports, involving lucky numbers, in a dream. In this post, I will explain how this Mantra Experiment is practiced. The practitioner should light a Diya of Pure Ghee[ Clarified Butter] at 9 PM in the night. Then he should start chanting the mantra given below.

Vedic Mantra for Quick Marriage

This is an ancient Vedic Verse, which is chanted as a mantra to facilitate quick marriage. The mantra is applicable to boys and girls, desirous of an early marriage . The mantra is believed to invoke Prajapati, an ancient Indian deity. This deity is prominently mentioned in the earliest Vedic literature and has been described as the supreme personality, the creator and caretaker of the Universe.

Meanings of Different Hanuman Photos

A Photo or image of Hanuman is present in almost all Hindu households in India. This Photo is considered extremely auspicious, beneficial and is believed to possess protective qualities.  There are certain meanings and qualities attributed to different kinds of Hanuman Photos , in this post; I have given some of the important meaning attached to Hanuman Photos.

Vashikaran Mantra using Infused Wood

Vashikaran Spells as readers of this site would have observed, make the use of various Mantra infused objects to cast a spell of enchantment upon any desired person. The Vashikarn experiment given in this post, make the use of a specific type of wood to cast a Vashikaran Spell , the procedure is not difficult, for any advanced practitioner to practice.

Robotic Devices of Future - 2

Up in the high orbiting settlements, settlers performing assigned subtasks for improving some robotic functions, contentedly accepted the need for at least .44 to 1.78 hours, (depending on the present asteroid distance), to monitor robotic refining and construction work on a source asteroid while also waiting for any programed robotic improvements they sent, to provide them observable improved performances. This seemed quite fair, contrasted against loan payments down on Earth for much more costly thicker stronger human constructed homes.

Simple Hindu Black Magic Removal Mantra

This is an uncomplicated Mantra in simple Devanagari to remove Black Magic, Ghosts and other malefic energies like Buri-Nazar or the Evil Eye. The Mantra in simple Hindi, invoke the Divine Mother Goddess for help. This mantra is suitable for the common person having difficulty in pronouncing and chanting lengthy Sanskrit or Magical Shabar Mantras , written in the languages, which are not spoken in today’s times.

Yantra for Safe Delivery

This is a Yantra for ensuring safe delivery in women. The Yantra comprises of a special Mantra, which has to be written on a Bhojpatra or a White Piece of Paper, using the paste of KumKum as the ink and a Pointed stick of the Pomegranate Plant as the writing instrument.

Two Ganesha Mantras for Success

A Mantra harnesses the inherent powers in the mind and over mind in the direction of what the mind wishes and hopes to get or achieve.  For the person of clean disposition and a pure outlook to life, even simple Mantra Experiments are sure to grant unimaginable success. In this post, I will explain two simple Ganesha Mantra  Prayogs for success.

Husband Vashikaran Mantra

This Vashikaran Mantra is a variation of another famous Vashikaran Mantra for a wife to put an enchantment spell on her husband.  A few years back, I had first written about that particular mantra. In this post is given a different kind of Sadhana and Mantra Prayog for the same purpose of attraction. That post can be seen -  Here .

Remedy for Manglik Dosha - 2

If a girl or boy of marriageable age has Manglik Dosha in their horoscope, then the Sadhana given in this post could be useful in removing the Mangal Dosha and clearing the hurdles preventing  them from getting married.  This is an astrological remedy  and requires some astrological and numerological calculations, In This post; I will explain how this remedy is to be practiced.