Two Ganesha Mantras for Success

A Mantra harnesses the inherent powers in the mind and over mind in the direction of what the mind wishes and hopes to get or achieve.  For the person of clean disposition and a pure outlook to life, even simple Mantra Experiments are sure to grant unimaginable success. In this post, I will explain two simple Ganesha Mantra Prayogs for success.

Before writing any important document
Write the first Ganesha Mantra using the Index finger on the blank piece of paper. You do not have to actually write the Mantra, but make an action, as if you are writing the Mantra.

Two Mantra Experiments of the Hindu God Ganesha to get success
 Ganesha Mantras for Success

Before leaving the house for any important work
Chant the second Ganesha Mantra seven times and then step out of the house, by putting the right foot out of the house first.

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