Shankaracharya wrong about Sai Baba of Shirdi

Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati stated yesterday that Sai Baba of Shirdi should not be worshipped as a deity because he was human and temples dedicated to Sai Baba should not be constructed. This uncalled for statement has caused much grief and sorrow to the devotees of Sai Baba.

I have to remind the Shankaracharya, for whom, I have the greatest regard as one of the foremost leaders of Hinduism, that the 5th to 9th Avatars of Bhagavan Vishnu – Vamana, Parshuram, Ram, Krishna and Buddha, were also in human form.

Each of these Dashavataras manifested on Earth to teach humankind a lesson and trigger off a bend in human consciousness.  Likewise, the Hindu religion is replete with examples of various other deities taking human form, to deliver a message to humankind and aid in it evolution.

Shri Krishna said in the Gita that all worship reaches me, even those who worship other deities, with devotion and sincerity, worship me.   At those who question and cast aspirations on Sai Baba please ponder on one the most popular phrases used by Sai Baba “Sabka Malik Ek”, this is the teaching which unites and not divides.

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  1. No offense to ANYONE, butI beg to differ, I believe that Sai Baba of Shirdi should not be worshiped because he was human. He aged like everyone else, he was also born in a muslim family which is totally opposite from Hinduism. Muslims do not even believe in the Devi/Devta existence. I believe Sai Baba MAY have given good advice and diksha, but who is he an avatar of? Is he Parameshwara? I don't think so. Why would Parameshwara take a form of a Muslim who ages and has a body working like everyone else normally? The dasavatar may have been human, but they were CLEARLY avatars of a Deva named Sri Vishnu. Sri Vishnu cannot be even compared to a human. I don't even think Sai Baba told his followers to worship Krishnaji, even though Krishnaji told his followers to worship him.

  2. Ignorance of Spiritual Science & Confusions on Sai Baba.

    People being ignorant, naturally seems confused in illusive obsessions.
    As learnt from the fundamental Spiritual Science, Ishwar is prevalent all the time and occupied universally everywhere within minute electron of an atom or mega-universe called Brahmand. It is always and absolutely above the souls occupying mortal bodies including any guru like Sai Baba of Shirdi.
    In other words, Ishwar, Allaha, God all are one, unique and the supreme. Baba can be Guru but not the Ishwar which is Param-Guru, Param-Ishwar and the only one. Baba also himself have always endorsed and said this.. which every one knows.
    It’s shear obsession wrapped under the cover of ignorance of the beloved devotees and they are therefore messed up in other words called “Maya”. This clearly and mainly has introduced or penetrated by western cultures which have no matured spiritual scientific base that India has for thousands of years. This also has origins connected with British rule over us. Fortunately, many people now know these scientific fundamental aspects of Spirituality and many westerners at top post and already started following in a big way, including recognizing some of Indian gurus who mastered this Science.
    Surprisingly, it is learn some disturbed Western Priests had adversely acted to affect our systems over here in India include attempt to eliminate some powerful guru which top westerners have started following sincerely and admire very much. Its noteworthy; these guru’s always ask devotees not even to worship their photo and follow as Ishwar!
    Defective off shoots of the obsessions; we find Sai-Baba temples on footpath all over. And is not a good sign may have this view.
    If devotees understand what Hindu Spiritual science and even Sai Baba himself said and still follows their illusive obsessions only Iswar help them..!
    I have put forth my views even on social media and pleased to repeat; I fully endorse the views of Shivani though am a sincere devotee of Sai Baba.

    1. Thank you for replying! I think that Sai baba should be RESPECTED, but not worshiped. I do not think any human has the right to be worshiped, other than the dasavatar! There are so many God/Goddesses in Hinduism that have done something for society, but if one chooses to worship Sai baba instead of Sri Mahishasuramardini or Sri Parameshwara, they are foolish. They are wasting their time, since Sai Baba worships 'God', so that means Sai baba's followers should worship only 'God', and NOT Sai baba. Sai baba can be respected, but not worshiped in my eyes.

  3. For more details, please visit the following page to know the truth about so called God, sai baba

  4. A movement for exposing anti Sai Baba : using heshteg #exposeAntiSai

  5. sai baba is fakir, he is god, he was not interested in any thing. dog, cat or any animal, any poor person, was entitled to eat with him, C an shankara charya can feel satisfaction , by eating dog. Shankara charya is not entitled to comment sai baba, unless and untill , he ie equal to sai baba. In ABC news, he said that the contribution , which is being given to sai mandir, that should be contributed for Ram mandir . whether it may be thougt of sant

    k c agarwal

  6. Perception may change from person to person.for me he has always helped and protected me .I had many miracles in life through I will worship as well as respect him no matter what people say .I don't care.people who love Sai baba will love him forever

  7. We can't change people perception about saibaba.people who worship him we always be connected to him.I believe in only one thing one who will help and protect you will be always be your god and my supreme matter what people say

  8. God is in you and you are the Brahman!! That's it... aham brahmasmi!! We are all one. Only depends who realizes!! Shubham bhavatu!!

    BABA FOR SURE IS GOD. Not someone who's at back of a God incarnate. All the people who are commenting above, know RELIGION, not SPIRITUALITY. Spirituality is what connects you and makes you God. Not Religion which are made by humans to fulfill their greed.


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