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Shanta Durga Smaran Mantra

Shantadurga is the name by which the Mother Goddess Durga is worshipped in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. She is one of the most worshipped deities in this region. This is a Smaran Mantra recited to seek the blessings of Shantadurga.

Image of the Durga Gayatri Mantra

These are Images of the famous Durga Gayatri Mantra. The Mantra is a call for the illumination of the spirit, mind and body to Durga Mata the Universal Mother visualized as the KanyaKumari; the epitome of purity. The Images are in the original Sanskrit as well as the English Translation.

Images of Kali Mata Beej Mantra

As the Navaratri festival enters the 2nd day, the festivities and religious fervor continue in full swing. The devote Hindus worship the various manifestations of the mother goddess; Kali Maata is one of the most worshipped. Here I am giving 3 Images of the famous Kali Mantra ; the Beej Mantra “Om Kreem Kalikayai Namaha”.Kreem or क्रीं as it is written in Sanskrit is the Beej Akshar or the Root sound of Kali Maata.

Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements - Part 2

The 200m radius now bigger 20 level Space Settlement can have a horizontal not too big running cylinder inside a couple levels, spinning enough to give you outward effective weight. Enter at its axis from above or below, then take steps out to the wide loop you want to run around. One horizontal loop in this can give you Earth like weight, A loop outside that would give you extra weight. A loop inside these would offer lighter weight.

Images of Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichche

Navratri 2011 commences today, and finishes on 6TH October. During these nine days non spot festivities and prayer dedicated to the Universal Mother take place. The goddess is worshipped as the life giving energy. On this auspicious day I have made three Images of the famous Chamunda Mantra  - Om Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vichche

A few recommendations for devote Hindus

These are a few things I recommend for devote Hindus in their almost daily worship of various deities. This advise have been given to be by a spiritually enlightened person. I hope you find these tips useful. The Recommendations In Ganesha Worship always offer Shendur to the Idol of Ganesha.

The Third secret of Fatima Decoded - Part 2

Many people were skeptical when I wrote the post The Third secret of Fatima Decoded . This probably is so because I had quoted Hindu Spiritualism ; on what happens after death. Here I am quoting a very interesting Prophecy from the Bible. The Prophet who describes it was given a vision on how the human soul is judged after death. The book of life which he describes is the book of ‘Karma’.

Vakratunda Mahakaya Images - 2

These are 3 more Images of that great mantra Vakratunda Mahakaya which the devote recite during the worship of Ganesha for the illumination of the mind and spirit. The illumination which the devote Hindus seek is much more relevant in today’s troubled times than ever before. I have made these 3 three Images in 3 different shades.

Purification bath for malefic planets

Ancient Hindu scriptures have prescribed a purification bath consisting of certain Ingredients for malefic planets Astrological configurations. Here there is no need for the recitation of any specific Mantras . It has been prescribed that the Ingredients given below should be mixed in water and the person suffering from malefic planetary combinations should have a bath with that water.

Most powerful Mantra to know the future

This is a very secret and most powerful Mantra the Siddhi [Mastery] over which is said to bestow upon one the power to know the future . This mantra also gives Protection from enemies and there is no fear from them. The Siddhi [Mastery] over this mantra is acquired by reciting it 17,000 times. After acquiring Siddhi the Goddess Vaartaali Devi whispers in the ears of the Sadhak the events which are going to occur in the future.

Mantra for Marriage

This is a very unique and rare Mantra for Marriage. This mantra is suitable for those who want to find the right kind of life partner; the person of their dreams; want to get married at the right age. The mantra is also suitable for those whose marriages are delayed or if there is opposition to the marriage.

Siddhi over the Maha-mrityunjaya mantra

The Maha-mrityunjaya mantra is the most sacred and powerful of the Hindu mantra to avert sudden and untimely death and also the fear of death. This is the mantra which is most dear to Shiva. Though I said before that there are no pre-conditions to the chanting of this Mantra ; which can be recited as long as one wishes; at anytime of the day or night. There still exists a procedure; followed on attaining mastery over this mantra.

Hanuman Veer Mantra

This is the Shaabri Hanuman Veer Mantra, which is a mantra chanted for protection from Hanuman. Hanuman Worship is very often undertaken for all round and powerful protection. In this Protection Mantra protection is sought against evil energies like Ghosts, Evil Spirits and other such Entities.

Mantra Images

These are Images of popular Hindu Mantras which are an integral part and parcel of the Hindu Religion. Some Mantras like Om are the most important symbols associated with the Hindu Religion. Most often it has been seen that when one sees an image of a popular mantra his senses become tuned to the unique Vibrations of that particular mantra.

Secret Vashikaran Mantra to attract powerful persons

This is a most secret Vashikaran Mantra which is used in an experiment to attract the King. In today’s times Kings have been replaced by the powerful persons who wield authority, similar to what the Kings did in the bygone times. This secret Attraction Mantra is from the ancient Hindu scripture the Rudrayamala Tantra.

Bigger Asteroid Space Settlements

Others from Earth may be happy to join those in some possible 3-10km Asteroid 's initial small surface settlement formed after a sent very capable robotic starting minimalized collection had refined enough to greatly expand its equipment and abilities, to then form the initial small settlement. After building it, the expanding robotic collection would have had ample free time available to accomplish much more.

Beautiful glowing Images of Om - 2

These are another couple of Beautiful glowing Images of Om which I have made. These images have a red glow and are in Sanskrit and English as well. All of creation including the Big Bang originated from the Ever - Existent Om.

Photo Frame Images of Om - 2

These are 3 more beautiful Images of Om ; the Universal Vibration, which I have made and inserted in a Photo frame . The entire Universe vibrates in Om and Om vibrates in everything, so do not use these Images for wrong and hateful purposes.

Foods which are harmful for Kidney Stones

The formation of Kidney Stones in your body has a lot to do with your dietary patterns. Improper diet leads to the formation of large Kidney Stones which find it difficult to pass through the Urinary outlet. This leads to Ureteral obstruction; which in turn leads to a variety of illnesses; including pain. Though numerous dietary plans are available in the market, I am giving here those foods which in Naturopathy are considered as harmful for those suffering from Kidney Stones.

Proper diet for Diabetics

Diabetic patients arguably more than any one else have to be most careful about their Diet along with the prescribed medication. There are a numerous dietary plans available in the market for Diabetics. The one I am giving below for your benefit is the one which is the Proper diet recommended for Diabetics in Naturopathy.

Proper diet for Blood Pressure and Heart disease

There are certain foods which are beneficial for Blood Pressure and Heart disease and are known to control it. Like wise some foods are known to aggravate the symptoms. This is the Proper diet which is recommended in Naturopathy for the patients of Blood Pressure and Heart Disease.

Proper diet for Asthma

Harmful diet is one of the major causes in aggravating Asthma. Indian naturopathy has since long controlled Asthma through the use of proper food along with medication. This is the recommended proper diet for the Wellbeing patients of Asthma.

Proper diet for Arthritis

Arthritis is one of the most common forms of disability all over the world. The patient suffers from severe pain due to the inflation of the joints. Along with the medication available for the treatment of Arthritis a balanced and Proper diet is most essential in giving relief to people suffering Arthritis. A wrong diet is known to aggravate the joint pain.

Simple Home Remedy using Pomegranates

These are some extremely Simple Remedies to control and cure some illnesses, which can be practiced at home using Pomegranates. This fruit has a lot of medicinal properties and is said to be very useful for general health and Wellbeing .

Durga Mata mantra to remove unhappiness

This mantra from the Durga Saptashati [ढुर्गासप्तशती] is a powerful mantra to remove unhappiness from life and usher in a pleasant and blissful atmosphere. The mantra has been recommended to be chanted 108 times daily; preferably in the morning after having a bath.

Images of the Ganesh Gayatri Mantras

Today is Sankashti Chaturthi the most important day in a Hindu Lunar month for Ganesha Worship .This day is observed on the 4th day of the Krishna Paksha. The devotees of Ganesha past on this day. For this day I have made some Images of the Ganesh Gayatri Mantras ; a mantra recited to illuminate the mind.These are Images of 3 different Ganesh Gayatri mantras.

Images of the Gayatri Mantra - 2

These are three more Images of the Divine Mantra THE GAYATRI MANTRA . which I have made in three different styles.

Simple Home Remedy for Migraine and Insomnia

Try this Simple Home Remedy if you are suffering from Migraine and Insomnia. This remedy makes use of the Nutmeg Seed which is normally used for culinary purposes. Nutmeg has also since the early middle ages been used in traditional medicine.

Home remedy for swelling from insect stings

The leaves of the Curry tree[Murraya koenigii] or Kari patta [ करीपत्ता] in Hindi have since one can remember been a part and parcel of Indian cuisine. The most common usage of these leaves is to add flavor to Curries; hence the name. Very few people know that these common leaves can be used as a home remedy for swelling from insect stings.

Future space settlers will be vegetarian

The investors in having a Space Settlement robotically made for folks possibly interested in living at least a while in space had taken a gamble that just having robotically farmed the best vegetarian plants could become acceptable to most folks interested in maybe enjoying light weight living up in orbit.

Image of Om Shri Sainathaya Namah

Om Shree Sainathaya Namah ll in Hindi श्री सांई नाथायः नमःll is a widely chanted Mantra by the followers of Sai Baba of Shirdi one of the most popular of the great Hindu Saints. This is an image which I have made of this mantra for the benefit of the devotees of Sai Baba.

Image of the Gayatri Mantra

Arguably the most important of the sacred Hindu Mantras is the Gayatri mantra. This is the mantra described in the Rig-Veda verse 10:16:3, which calls upon to the Eternal Goddess Gayatri for the illumination of the self. The description has been given in my post on the THE GAYATRI MANTRA . This is an image of this mantra which I have made for the benefit of seekers of the true path.

Simple Remedy for door facing south

The main door of the house facing the south is considered to inauspicious as per the science of Vastu Shastra. This hers is a simple Remedy for those who feel that it is inauspicious for the main door facing south. Every Monday you have to visit a temple of Shiva and offer a Coconut.The Coconut with the head fiber [Shendi] intact must face Shiva. The Coconut should not be broken into two as is the practice. The you must pray for the welfare and protection of your house.

Simple way to do Vastu Shuddhi

Vastu Shuddhi means purification of your place of dwelling. Certain lengthy, time consuming, costly, procedures, rituals and Remedies have been prescribed for this common Hindu practice. I am giving here a most simple way to do Vastu Shuddhi and purify your house.I have been told of this procedure by a Enlightened person.This procedure can be practiced by anyone and does not involve time consuming and costly rituals; you can do it your self.

Words of caution for those who practice mantras

This post has been specifically written to caution readers of this Site and to those who practice various Hindu Mantras and remedies. Over the past few months it has come to my notice and I have also received a lot of Mail about the malpractices of certain Sites/Blogs.

Mantra to increase memory power

This is a simple three letter Mantra to increase memory power. Many a times it has been noted that not only children; but adults as well suffer from lapses in memory. Is has been said that the continuous chanting of the mantra increases memory power . It has also been recommended that this mantra need to be recited 1188 times to show results.

Beautiful glowing Images of Om

These are a couple of beautiful glowing Images of Om , which I have made. These images of Om are in English as well as the original Sanskrit. Om is the Cosmos; it is also Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh These symbols have to be used for the right and pure purposes only.

Attraction Mantra to attract lover

This is a Vashikaran mantra to attract your lover. This Attraction Mantra makes the use of Paan [Beetal leaf preparation]. The Siddhi [mastery] has to be obtained by reciting this Mantra 101 times for 7 consecutive Saturdays and Sundays. On each of these days you have to light a Diya [lamp], offer flowers, Prasad[sweets] and burn an incense stick of Guggulu [Indian Bedellium] after you finish reciting this mantra.

Proper diet during Coughs and Colds

Coughs and common cold are regular and periodic ailment which affects almost everyone’s Health .Normally one feels better in 5 to 6 days. There are certain foods which are best avoided as these aggravate the ailment. One can feel noticeable relief if one is on a Proper diet .

Proper diet for Psoriasis and fungal infections

Skin diseases like Psoriasis and fungal infections which cause discomfort and severe itching and uneasiness have a lot to do with your diet. A proper and controlled diet goes a long way in controlling and curing these diseases.

Proper diet for Piles, Constipation and Acidity

It has been rightly said that “Food is your best Medicne”.The main trigger for diseases or ailments is nor germs or bacteria but toxemia; caused by harmful food. Thus it is of paramount importance to have the right kind of diet for your Health and Wellbeing .

How to Tell If You are Being Deceived by Your Psychic

Most psychics are honest, experienced and want to give you the best reading possible. However, throughout your search for a psychic you might come across a few that either lack experience or are just in it to make buck. Knowing the difference can sometimes be a daunting task. Rest assured though, it doesn’t take psychic powers to know when someone is deceiving you. It is just a matter of observing someone’s behavior in order to tell the difference between the truth and a lie.

Nostradamus predicts the occupation of Britain

This is a futuristic Quatrain from the Centuries of Nostradamus. That this Quatrain refers to Great Britain is obvious. This is description of a Naval attack finally cumulating in the occupation of Great Britain. 'Aquilon' the key word here literally translated means “the north wind”. It also means an invasion route from the Baltic Sea through the north Sea; an occupation force landing on the Northern coast of Britain.

The Third secret of Fatima Decoded

The third secret of  FATIMA was revealed at the Cova da Iria-Fatima, on 13 July 1917.However the Vatican kept this secret hidden until 26th June 2000.However when it was no longer possible to keep it hidden it was finally revealed. This third secret is nothing but a description of the Journey of the soul after it leaves the body. The soul in spite of leaving the material body retains it individuality. Here is The Third secret of Fatima Decoded.

Photo frame Images of Om

These are photo frame Images of Om , the vibration of the Eternal. These are three images two in Sanskrit and One in English, along with an image of the 12 Sun Signs of the Zodiac, which signifies the Eternal Mantra . All these images have been inserted in a photo frame.

Micro robots of the future

Results from sub tasks given to settlers helped to have more efficient robots formed. Signals such as sensing useful touches or for causing wanted movements were communicated highly efficiently between a robot's central computer brain and its extremities, coming from them first through the special interiors of long molecule thin tube forms, which quickly became joined into long molecular fiber trees of multiple signaling pathways to reach the computer brain.

Space settlements

Space settlements in the future are very much a reality. Most people tend to be skeptical about this subject; that is nothing new; some decades back Aeroplanes were also a fantasy. The articles in this section are written by our guest blogger. If you have any thing to contribute please free to Contact me.

Unique Shiva Mantra

This is a unique Shiva Mantra . This mantra visualizes Shiva as the holder of the Damru [small drum having two chambers and connected by a narrow neck having two clappers; this drum is held in the hand and played by moving the hand]. The Damru is symbolic of the vibration of the Eternal Sound Om. The chanter implores Shiva to make him addicted to this Eternal vibration.

Image of Om Gam Ganapataye Namah

Om Gam Ganapataye Namah is probably the most widely recited and sacred of the Hindu Chants and Mantras. This particular Mantra is a vital part of Ganesha Worship . This Mantra is also considered by many to be the root or beej mantra of Ganesha. The mantra calls upon Ganesha symbolized as the Eternal God to light the Eternal flame within oneself and show the right path. Here I have made an image of this particular mantra.

Images of Om

Om or ॐ is the root sound or vibration which represents the all encompassing Eternal or Ever Existent. In the Hindu religion most Mantras or Prarthanas normally commence with the word Om. Om is the most important and sacred symbol in the Hindu religion. These are a couple of images of Om which I have made. The first one is in the original Sanskrit script and the second one is in English.

Meaning of the Moles located on various Body parts

In my last post I had given the Meaning of Moles located on the Face , now in this post I am giving information about the meaning of the moles located on various parts of the body. Moles on the neck indicate a calm and composed nature. The person is likely to gain windfalls. He is likely to be of a sickly nature. His children are likely to squander away his wealth; hence chances of Bankruptcy are high.

Meaning of Moles located on the Face

Moles known in Hindi as Tils also called sometimes as beauty spots are said to have a deeper meaning which depends upon the location of the Mole on a specific body part. Moles are said to forecast the nature and also the future. Here I am giving the meaning of moles located on the face. A mole in the center of the forehead signifies that one should take care of oneself as the influence of Mars is significant in the Horoscope. Such persons tend to be of a cruel nature.

Vakratunda Mahakaya Images

Vakratunda Mahakaya is one of the most popular and most recited of the numerous Mantras recited in praise of Ganesha . This mantra calls upon Ganesha having the radiance of a countless Suns to free one from all obstacles. These are a couple of photo frames of this popular mantra, which I made for the benefit of Ganesha devotees.

Sarva Vyadhi Kavach

This is most powerful Mantra called the Sarva Vyadhi Kavach meaning armour for all difficulties. This Kavach is said to give Protection from all directions to the chanter of this Mantra. The Kavach call upon the Shaktis of all the directions seeking their blessing and protection.

Home Remedy for increasing breast size

The size of the Breasts in women can be reduced due to a variety of reasons like impurities in the blood, lack of proper diet or general weakness in the body. The size of the Breasts can decrease due to decline in Estrogen levels or Hormonal imbalance.

Ganesh Chaturthi - A Satvik Festival

The popular festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is being celebrated with great fervor all over Maharashtra and also in other parts of India. Here I have to add that Ganesha Worship is Satvik or pure worship. Ganesha stands for the Eternal God, the God of all beginnings amongst countless qualities attributed to him.

Shri.Ram Apatti Nivaran Mantra

This is a Protection Mantra which is recited to seek the protection of Shri. Ram, the eighth Avatar of Vishnu; the Maryada Purushottam or the perfect Man. This Mantra is a variation of the first verse of the Shri Ram Vandana which is salutation dedicated to Shri.Ram. This an Apatti Nivaran Mantra [आपत्ती निवारण मंत्र] or a Mantra to avert dangers.

Mrityunjaya Mantra

The Mrityunjaya Mantra is arguably the most chanted of the Hindu Mantras to avert death, decease and ill Health . There are numerous variations of this Mantra . However it has been noted that all of them serve the same purpose.

Shanti [Peace] Mantra of Dattatreya

This is a Shanti [Peace] Mantra of Dattatreya . In the Hindu religion Dattatreya is the combined manifestation of the Hindu Divine Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Dattatreya is here the symbol of the Eternal God. This Peace Mantra is most relevant in today’s turbulent times; what man needs most is peace inner as well as Universal.

Powerful Mantra for chronic diseases

This is a Powerful Mantra for chronic diseases. This mantra was given to me by very pious person who has experienced its benefits. This mantra is most beneficial to those who are suffering from long and seemingly incurable chronic ailments.

Mantra for severe Gas problems

This is a Shaabri Health Mantra for severe Gas problems. There is no need to acquire Siddhi [Mastery] over this mantra. This experiment has to be practiced either on a Sunday or a Tuesday. The patient has to be seated before you and you must recite this Mantra and touch his stomach with a knife. Then you must draw a line with the knife on the ground. This procedure has to be repeated 21 times. You can repeat the entire experiment for three days.

Prayer for Ganesh Chaturthi

The annual festival of Ganpati is back; commencing on1st September which is Ganesh Chaturthi and cumulating on Ananta Chaturdash which falls on 11th September. This is the biggest and most popular festival in Maharashtra. It’s eleven days of non stop festivities. Ganesha Worship is apart and parcel of life in Maharashtra.Like always.