Micro robots of the future

Results from sub tasks given to settlers helped to have more efficient robots formed. Signals such as sensing useful touches or for causing wanted movements were communicated highly efficiently between a robot's central computer brain and its extremities, coming from them first through the special interiors of long molecule thin tube forms, which quickly became joined into long molecular fiber trees of multiple signaling pathways to reach the computer brain.

Some movements were produced by electricity causing squeezing or stretching of bundles of long spiral molecule forms serving as efficient compact muscles. Fine quality vision was obtained from cones with a lens at the tip. At the back were micro girded molecular light sensors. A robot might have more than two such eyes. Molecular matrices volumes in their computer minds allowed electronic speed high quality processing of perceived fine detailed visual images, (as well as lots of other simultaneous good mental functions).

It was a fun challenge to squeeze ever more computing capacity and extensive detailed memory into small volumes filled with other suitably interconnected well designed molecular matrices parts. In many places merely a single electron switch would gain and hold each data or logic bit.

Some molecular matrix components could change their shape and how they contacted other components. This was far more compact than changes in and between our neurons. Also this worked ok at frigid cold interstellar space vacuum temperatures.

Such robotic equipment could perform wanted tasks vastly more precisely detailed than any human confined within a space suit. And robots could team together much better than humans in space suits. So such good robots were in fact the best way to get things well constructed in space, much superior for work in frigid cold space vacuum.

It had become quite an interesting challenge for the settlement making investors and their technicians to keep up with any possible competition. They also did well making micro robots good for some high precision tiny fine intricate work details. Robotic work starting on an asteroid was truly the best way to form a space settlement, ultimately much cheaper & much more efficient than any humans forming one.

Humans could instead stay comfortably relaxed maybe at home, monitoring progress at times, and sometimes changing what or how robotic equipment was programmed to do tasks.

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