Settling down on an Asteroid

Out of Earth's many billions, over decades several may grow increasingly intrigued thinking about possible fun playful living advantages of comfortably living in space, especially if in a settlement with friends, while many tedious tasks get performed by obedient serving robotic devices. This could give them easier relaxed living than having to labor down on our gravity prison Earth. And unless on some planet, weights would daily stay an easy most comfortable fraction or less of weights on Earth. Thus it can be expected that at least a few will join and invest to get such settlements truly ever better developed.

They will realize that the best far cheaper way to obtain space settlements will be to send up a minimalized very capable starting robotic collection, thus never needing to have to pay the high costs to send up years-long human life support and people to perform manual settlement construction, plus all needed equipment and loads of parts.

They will first test and develop such a robotic scheme here, such as getting the wanted robotic surface materials' refining tasks working ok here down on Earth, also achieving robotic expansion of robotic devices and capacity from their much minimalized starts, to then start performing construction tasks. Finally, likely after years, they can have such a minimalized quite capable robotic collection sent up off Earth.

Best source place to prepare all needed for a settlement should be using some good asteroid. If a 100km 3g/cc asteroid, it will have surface gravity merely .004 of on Earth, thus being easy to land on or send things up from, much better than Luna 3.36g/cc & 1/6 of Earth gravity. Also such an asteroid will be much easier to refine very lightweight surface and mined materials from.

A first task of the sent minimalized robotic collection will be to expand a needed Solar energy collecting film while much expanding the sent collection and enlarging its capacity to produce things. Then it can more speedily mine and refine materials to produce components for the wanted settlement.

The investors selected a good asteroid for this which periodically swung in not too far from Earth's orbit. They finally paid for a rocket lift up carrying their initial well minimalized robotic collection. In months it easily safely landed on their chosen asteroid. Now construction for the first such settlement could be begun. Where? How about a high orbit around Earth? Their equipment eventually formed a strongly anchored tower with a cable to spin loads and release them to fly away far beyond the asteroid. Timing & speed would determine where loads went.

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