Advancing Future Lives

Natural species need to age and die after raising new young. If not, they wouldn't have successfully evolved as required to continue surviving among all the competing evolving species. But now our best researchers can study and develop good changes to make humans live longer, healthier, better.

New improvements will advance well beyond terribly slow raw random old evolution, and will be devised to alter and improve our existing cells. Then there'll no longer be that ancient need for all to age and soon die. Internal cell changes will also be progressively devised to block diseases. Ways should be devised to prevent cancerous changes altering the internal genetics of some frequently generated new cells. Already some cells such as neurons in the brain avoid this by not having to often reproduce, especially not after growing into an adult.

Some religious conservatives will of course even violently oppose any altering of humans away from what they crave to proudly believe has to be God's wanted even perfect design for us, showing that humans were His most special creation. The R&D experts improving our cells and genetics will thus quickly realize its best to limit public awareness of good major improvements they're creating.

Folks we may call "moderns", wishing for such improvements over natural limited humans, will likely have secret associations established to let them continue secretly obtaining ever better newer improvements developed for themselves and new infants. If violence gets deadly enough against them, some such "moderns" may conclude its better to move to secret colonies which will get formed off Earth, maybe on small inconspicuous asteroids, places where they can safely quietly live peacefully for even centuries freed from aging.

Halting aging while having ever more improved new young of course means their numbers and colony sizes will keep growing off Earth. Eventually many such moderns could want bigger better settlements off Earth, such as Fullball balloon worlds formed lightly orbiting small remote source asteroids which rarely if ever approach Earth. They could shift orbits of some small asteroids to maybe secretly swing in somewhat near Earth maybe once in a dozen years, to quietly welcome in new ever more biologically improved moderns sensibly fleeing their proud violent haters on Earth.

So their Fullball worlds will gradually keep being expanded for their continually growing advancing populations. But their sizes will be small enough to escape being noticed in even the best telescopes of their haters. Mere 1km radius would comfortably allow over 50,000 people within its 3D volume! Or such new Fullball worlds may be formed to grow even bigger orbiting asteroids which never approach Earth. Old settlements on small asteroids can still quietly welcome new escapees from Earth. Then when far from Earth, let them move into their growing Fullball worlds never approaching Earth.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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