Powerful Mantra to deflect negative energies

This is a Shaabri Protection Mantra to deflect negative energies and make them return to where they originated from. This mantra is dedicated to the great master Guru Gorakhnath and invokes the infinite strength of Hanuman.

The affected person has to be given 1 lime to eat and then you have to take 11 limes and rotate them in a clockwise fashion over his body. This is known as Utara. This process has to be done a total of 7 times. While doing the Utara this Mantra has to be recited. Then you have to cut the limes and throw them away.

Om namo adesh guruji ko, ulat vade brahmakaye, jisi thaye aaye usi thaye jake khaye, guru gorakshnathji ke hanumanthbir ki aan ll

ॐ नमो आदेश गुरुजी को, उलट वदे ब्रह्मकाये, जीसी ठाये आए उसी ठाये जाके खाय, गुरु गोरक्षनाथजी के हनुमंतबीर की आन ll

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  1. Can we do this on any day or is Saturday and Tuesday more effective days to do the utara? Also what is the best time to do this morning, evenings or night time. Please reply soon as my son is suffering and I need to do this ASAP. Your reply will be highly appreciated. Saadar Pranaam

    1. I have not mentioned the time or preferred days; so you can perform it on any day or time.

  2. Thank you Guruji but my son is 2 yrs old and refuses to have lime I tried giving him just the juice but he can't have it , can I just do the utara even if he has just licked the 1st lime? I know who has done this on him and they were waiting until holi to do harm to my son, his skin has gone all dry and patchy, stomach hands and legs, have gone darker in complexion as my son was very very fair and relative were jealous, they even have his mundan hair and had giving him something to eat/ drink ( like vibhuti) but since my hubby is not on my side I can't do anything. Is there any other utara to deflect these negative energies back to the sender please. I really want to fight it out with your help as I can't see my little one suffering. May God bless you for giving solutions to so many helpless people. Charansparsh

    1. @ Unknown - Here is the link to remove blackmagic from your child. Kindly see and do the needful hopefully your son will be fine again.


      Its from this website only. There are many other mantras but right now i am not able to find here so i will tell u about that as soon as i find one.

    2. Another link is http://www.prophet666.com/2013/02/shabar-mantra-to-reverse-black-magic.html

      It will reverse all black magic spells to the one who is doing on your kid.
      Hope it will be useful to you.


  3. Thank you Amit for helping me on this one. Really appreciate it. Kind regards.

  4. good day,

    Can it be used for the person who has been suffering from evil energies which press him at night and never let him to go to work to earn money?

    Thank you

  5. Thank you master neel.

    The person who is the victim can he do himself or someone else must do the rotation for him? the lime eating is only once or for all the 7 days.

    Thank you sir

  6. Master Neel,

    good day to you.

    So I guest the mantra will be read as many times during the utara or 11 times as there are 11 limes. The limes need to be cut into half and throw outside of the house or put in a bag and throw into the water. My brother is has been disturbed by a spirit and its already 13 years now. I am not sure why I can't get along with him but I care for him.

    Thank you sir. god bless.

  7. I am hindu man aged @ 35 ,I have tried hindu , islamic as well as christian remidies as I suffered due to unknown supernatural problem since last 10 years or may be more than that .But till time i have not get rid from this problem even after fighting with various remidies through various people of various religeon

    After my marrige in Feb 2004,when I was alone at my new rental home in mumbai and sleeping at night .suddenly I experienced in deep sleep that my left body is geeting pulled and i got wake up...I thought ,i frightned as i was alone at home in night time.But later day by day..when I got asleep at night ,i experienced bad dreams and after sudden waking up from the dream, i used to experienced tremondous body pain and headeche.Later problem started during day time as well as night time...when I am asleep or awake...While I used to awake, I felt like I am ill due to headeche,bodypain,nautia,acidity,vomating feeling and all similar symptoms all the time.Though I never seen any spirit in front of me , I can experience movement in body , heavyness in head and body,burning sensetion in neck and back.I want to get rid of permanently and safely at the earliest.Pl reply me on jnaik8279@gmail.com-Jitendra N.

    1. What you experienced is called Astral Travel. In this state the Soul or inner self leaves the physical body for some time.

  8. Sir I need a small information can u plzz tell me i had sum confusion u said 11 times I have to do utara for 7 times each lemon 7 times we have to do or we have to take all 11 lemons at a time and do utarah and for howmany days webhave to do this sir plzz clarify my dout bcoz sumbody sent evil spirits to my brother and blocked sum gud power not to get help from gud power

  9. Sir I an waiting for UR reply plzz

    1. For this Mantra Experiment, you have to take 11 limes and do the Utara 7 times, with all the 11 limes together.

  10. Is this mantra useful for normal cases of nazar dosh ?

  11. Sir this can be done by me to protect from evil power because my X guru have done something to me that to stop my works .What ever work iam doing it is getting stop by him when it is coming to finishing end . This was known by me by some other guru gi he said to me

    1. You can use this protection mantra to insulate yourself from harmful and adverse powers by practicing as described in the article.

  12. Hello,
    i am suffering from many problems...someone has did many wrong things towards my family..
    can you please tell me a powerful protection mantra and process..
    i found daily some black magics on me,my family,at my home,at my business place..
    roj kahi gehu,urad dal,rice,flower petals,shoe sandils,dolls something type kuch bhi feka jata hain..i know ki kaun fekta hain but in sabhi things se mere upar daily clash,loss in business,health problems and many more problems aati hain...so please tell me protection mantra so that main apni family ko in buri chijo se protect kar saku..

  13. Sir ,unknowingly I have done this upay seperately with 11 limes.so will it give adverse effect on me?please reply..

    1. Ask for forgiveness and the perform the remedy as mentioned in the post correctly. there will be no adverse effect.

  14. Hello Neel ji
    I wanted to know does affected person have to eat the whole lime or take little bit of it.
    please reply.

    1. Just sucking some juice from the lime will do, then throw away that lime.

  15. DO YOU NEED DIFFERENT LIMES FOR EVERY UTTARA or all the 7 uttaras are done with the same limes?

    1. The same limes are used for all the 7 Uttara.


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