The reason why Government wants to exclude PM from Lokpal

The Jan lokpal Bill drafting committee meets for the last time today. But severe differences remain between the two sides .The most severe of them is bringing the Prime Minister within the ambit of the Lokpal.For some strange and mystifying reasons the 5 members of the Government side of the 10 member drafting committee are trying to kill this move.

Whereas team Anna Hazare seems to be firm on this issue. The Government on it part seem under a lot of pressure not to strike at the Root of corruption in India .It appears that the agenda of the Indian Government has already been laid out by the New World Order controlling India.

A significant but not surprising development was the call by Digvijay Singh, who I think is the current mouthpiece of Rahul Gandhi; that Rahul Gandhi is now fully ready to become the Prime Minister of India. This statement comes on the backdrop of the 41st birthday celebrations of Rahul Gandhi. This should not be taken as an off the cuff statement; but probably dictated by Rahul Gandhi himself.

The game plan obviously was to make Dr.Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister for about three years and then about two years before the General Elections give the public two years of the magic of the Dynasty. The Gandhi’s are obviously saving the most populist schemes for Rahul Gandhi and restricting the moves by Manmohan Singh to announce any popular schemes or even take corrective measures.

The official coronation of Rahul Gandhi will be accompanied by populist schemes and a Media Blitz. The move to exclude the Prime Minister from the ambit of the Lokpal is aimed at giving a free hand to Rahul Gandhi; without restrictions. The ruling Dynasty is planning a long innings for Rahul Gandhi.

Another significant statement by Rahul’s current mouthpiece Digvijay Singh is that Rahul Gandhi should now get married. This means that Rahul is planning to get married any time now and one can expect a populist wedding accompanied by a mass move at image building.

These preplanned moves could be expected to take place in the near future, unless something goes wrong drastically.

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  1. An insightful blog on Indian politics.

  2. You have voiced what is in the minds of a lot of Indians who are wondering why the PM's office is being kept out of the Lokpal ambit.

  3. about rahul gandhi's end given by Nostradamus in Century 1 – Quatrain- 88

    "The divine wrath overtakes the great Prince,
    a short while before he will marry.
    Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish.
    Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads."

  4. about personality of rahul gandhi ...Nostradamus wrote in Century 1 - 78...
    "To an old leader will be born an idiot heir,
    weak both in knowledge and in war."

  5. I think this applies as much to modi as to rahul. neither want to b under the ambit of lokpal though it is much safer for India if both are. No one is above the law and PM must firstly be accountable to India.


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