Future worlds in outer space

Most future advanced living can be off Earth in "Fullball" balloon worlds formed by having a shielding skin held in by an internal cable network which suspends many internal rotating homes cylinders of perhaps 5 pairs of levels at each end of a cylinder for maybe 90 homes each, efficiently superior over any Earth city big block, while having an internal very light weight play area folks can easily jump across.

The name "Fullball" world indicates a ball world filled full of homes, farms, etc. and also honors R. Buckminster Fuller's schemes like more efficient apartment buildings like tall cylinders, and big geodesic domes very good for sports.

Such 3D Fullball worlds can be built from materials robitally refined very light weight and tossed up from an asteroid a Fullball world slowly orbits. Homes cylinder rotation can give comfortable light effective weights to help keep things on your home floor.There can be suspended rotating parks cylinders for recreation and partying, plus all wanted refining, manufacturing, and shopping center cylinders. The internal half balloon sphere radius might be mostly for conveniently close homes etc. with the outer half radius (7/8 volume) used for robotically cared for farms etc.

3D travel distances would be a tiny fraction of distances over a wide Earth surface only city. Far better than staying confined on some harsh raw nature limited livable surface gravity prison planet, almost none of them good for us!

No need for massive fuel burning cars to carry loads at 1g (normal Earth surface weight) nor protect you from poor weather. Just put bags in a back pack or a net tied to you, and lazily air swim weightless to home, far easier than being limited stuck down on any normal weight planet! A 2km (or 25km) radius Fullball world could allow .4 million (or .8 billion) people. In that bigger world, all internal farms, homes, etc. would need only 1/40 of our normal atmospheric pressure pushing out on the shell to easily suspend all from the internal cable network. The cable network is mostly used to hoid in air pressure pushing out on the shell.

To expand such a world, robotically form a new bigger containing shell (virtually weightless in space) around an existing Fullball world, easily held out by very light towers till fully formed and air sealed, with breathable air gasses refined from the parent asteroid then introduced.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email the author Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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