Robotic devices of future humans

Since "moderns", biologically ever more improved over past humans, were violently hated by some conservatives as evil violations contrary to God's perfect design, some moderns felt they should benefit greatly if gaining secret settlements safely remote from Earth.

But how? Sending up all needed to form them plus all needed to live up there while building settlements would require big very expensive massive rocket vessels which couldn't be kept secret. Their haters would likely destroy each before any lift-off, and kill those found involved.

Robotic devices like sent to Mars let us do things off Earth before sending any human there. Moderns concluded it would be best to quietly have a very special miniaturized complex robotic vessel inconspicuously sent up Earth's geostationary cable lift system and tossed out high up able to land just beyond the visible edge of Luna. It would refine lunar materials and at first very greatly expand its robotic capacity.

Eventually this would form robotic vessels to send to remote asteroids to form settlements on, ready for moderns. To help avoid notice of this, it would form a kilometers long cable to spin hard enough from a strong tower to unreel and simply toss out each new constructed robotic vessel fast enough to not quite fall into the Lunar surface, and then orbit Luna essentially curving up behind Luna hidden from Earth.

Up in space, the vessel would then use a small inconspicuous rocket or ion jet to go seek a useful not to big asteroid to begin refining materials on, first to greatly increase its own robotic capacity, then use it all to form a settlement ready for future arriving moderns.

This was all very complex to achieve. Moderns first prepared a trial starting vessel on some barren land which served as simulated Luna. They also got a communications satellite put in an orbit 60deg. behind Luna in its orbit. This would let them monitor and guide what the robotic equipment would do just beyond Luna's edge.

Finally after years there, the self expanded equipment successfully started sending new made vessels to reach Jupiter Trojan asteroids 60deg. before or after Jupiter in its orbit, thus likewise having 11.86yr orbits. Then the sent vessel would use a good sized ion jet, simply energized from Solar light while using asteroid matter for the ion jet, to gradually over many years shift the not big asteroid's orbit into a 12yr elliptic orbit which would swing in outside Earth's orbit some season, and then swing way far out away unseen, nearing Saturn's distant orbit in 6 years.

Moderns could inconspicuously simply use the cable lift system to toss them out high up to reach such an asteroid and move into the settlement robotically prepared by then. 48 such shifted Trojan asteroids would provide settlements to quietly flee Earth and reach one in any season of any year.

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced Future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed
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