Energy for future space settlements

Space settlements need energy. No coal nor oil to burn out there! At first if of small population, Solar energy films served ok, especially if not far out. In space a disk film is ok, given light spin to keep it spread out. But as a settlement grows, such as a 3D Fullball balloon world, ever more energy becomes needed to live and grow food. E.g. a Fullball world increased to 10km radius can have over 50 million people; since its full volume is filled all around inside with virtually weightless cable network suspended homes plus farms etc. And it will have another severe problem. All done inside produces waste heat. How then to keep it livably cooled?

Best would be if such waste heat could be converted back into reusable electricity. But it's been convincingly argued that mere single average temperature molecular kinetic heat energy can't be so harvested. The sonic speed molecular heat vibrations are of submicroscopic scale. If a molecular scale ratchet and saw toothed wheel could be formed, sonic speed heat random vibrations would keep the ratchet uselessly nocked out of the way much of the time. Then the wheel would get knocked by random direction sonic speed heat blows the wrong way half the time, ruining any wanted selective one-way harvesting of even a good fraction out of the surrounding random direction wild sonic speed heat blows.

But now suppose that multiple ratchets are put around a submicroscopic saw toothed wheel. Then most of the time at least one may be in place long enough to briefly catch and halt the wheel from unwanted direction spins. Then a resulting harvested single wanted direction spin could be used to convert into reusable electricity. And this harvesting of heat blows would conveniently result in reducing the average heat temperature, most importantly thus keeping the Full ball world always nicely cooled.

Other schemes are given in the FBW.Z big text. And submicroscopic scale good inventers may likely create other better workable schemes to exploit waste heat into cooling while giving back needed reusable electricity. (This could become nicely usable even for Earth cities!) So growing efficient Fullball worlds aren't some unlikely wild fantasy dream. They truly could become the happy home worlds for most, even trillions of future folks!

This is a guest post. If interested in vastly more details about such living and advanced future folks, you may email and ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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