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Enlightenment or Nirvana is the final frontier of Meditation, Yoga, Prayer or any other form of Spiritual activity like self-inquiry or any such action, which is aimed at acquiring more knowledge and understanding. As the soul, life energy or prana, which powers the body, feels restricted by the physical dimensions of the body it starts looking outside the body, and initiates numerous processes all aimed at overcoming the physical dimensions of the body. This state of enlightenment or nirvana, which is the final goal, can also be called the Non-Dual state.


Non-Dualism in simple terms means everything in the universe is one single unit. Nothing is Dual or has a separate existence. What one perceives as the Dual or separate is nothing but an illusion. WE LIVE INSIDE THE THING THE THING LIVES INSIDE US WE ARE THE THING.


The biggest stumbling block in the acquisition of pure knowledge is religion. Religion, which was created by man, enslaves the mind to a fixed set of rules and regulations. The mind whose true nature is growth and expansion is thus enslaved and bound. As the state of enslavement is unnatural to the mind, the mind mutates and turns morbid, as it becomes the storehouse of second and third knowledge and loses its natural state.


India, which is home to a third of the world’s poor population, is now facing a major crisis, if the real causes are not attempted to be rectified, India is due for a crises of a massive magnitude. Please note I am using the words’ attempted’’ a least an attempt should be made, for the writing is on the wall for India, the side effects of poverty will most certainly lead to chaos and the government will be reduced to being a helpless bystander, with the role of just watching the deteriorating situation deteriorate further and further.


The most common cases involving supposed Past Life, reincarnation are those involving individual dislikes, Fears and ailments. An explanation regarding the causes of these ailments if blamed squarely on PAST LIFE makes the complainant feel really happy and important. I am not rubbishing Past Life experiences for I have encountered genuine cases, genuine cases are totally different and unique, there is no set model or stereotype of what a Past Life reincarnation case should be like. I have encountered such cases, but please remember that finding a genuine Past Life reincarnation case is like finding a needle in a haystack.


Past life is a subject, which evokes great interest in almost everyone. The doctrine of Past life Reincarnation is found in most religions and ancient civilizations. There are numerous Philosophies and traditions ancient as well as new involving Past life. This section is devoted exclusively toward research on Past life and Past life Regression. Studies conducted on Past life will be published. Certain real life cases involving past life or what are believed to be cases of Past life reincarnations will be discussed here, Historical references will also be published. Our aim is to clear the air of mystery surrounding anything involving past life. We will strive as far as possible to remain unbiased in this regard.


Numerous techniques in ones evolution from the dual existence to the non-dual existence have been given and taught by various saints and realized persons who are said to have achieved this state. Various texts have given various factors to watch out for. The truly dedicated practitioner of non-duality is thus confused and becomes frustrated after repeated failures, in achieving and UNDERSTANDING NON DUALITY .


Chalisas are normally forty verse compositions in praise of various Hindu Deities. These Chalisas can be recited every day, or on specific occasions, such as the weekly day of the Deity or on the Jayanti or on occasions such as Solar or Lunar Eclipses. The most important thing to derive the benefits of reciting the Chalisas is to recite them with full devotion and sincerity. Any thing started with a pure heart, without harboring ill will toward any is certain to bear fruit.


Past life Regression Therapy is something, which we have discussed before. I have seen THE TRUTH BEHIND PAST LIFE , from my observations that 99% of the cases of Past life are nothing but repressed memories coming to the fore and delusions due to the memory going haywire under hypnosis. However, there are still about 1% of those cases, which appear to have some merit. I would like to discuss one such sample case here.


These two Nostradamus Quatrains are in my opinion those mentioning the former Indian Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. India as a country did not exist in the times of Nostradamus. Hence, the usual European landmarks are missing. The meaning is clear, and these are not two isolated Quatrains but two adjoining ones.


Emotional Space is that mental and emotional boundary or comfort zone, the violation of which makes one feel mentally and emotionally threatened and uncomfortable. Whereas PERSONAL SPACE is that physical benchmark of one’s comfort zone. Emotional Space is the mental benchmark of comfort.


Personal space is that invisible boundary around each and every person, inside which he feels secure and comfortable. Personal space is difficult to measures and varies from person to person. The volition of this space might lead to a feeling of discomfort and uneasiness. This personal space is an imaginary three-dimensional boundary or in spiritual terms something like a Personal Aura.


Sexual intercourse has rarely been described properly whether in religion, spiritualism or by scientists whether social or biological. One takes sexual intercourse for granted without really understanding it in totality. It is more often than not associated with abusive language, and wrongly interpreted in most religions as something dirty, ugly or forbidden. Sexual intercourse is a much maligned and misunderstood term for those who do not understand what it means in totality.


A burning desire and iron will to eradicate any bad habit comes naturally to the person who has mastered the art of self-hypnosis. The use of AUTO SUGGESTION IN SELF HYPNOSIS can be used most effectively. An autosuggestion is actually a powerful desire and expectation to see a thing happen or not to see its occurrence.


India to a wafer thin minority of less than 5% of the total Indian population of over 125 crores appears to be shinning. These persons who are living in fool’s paradise are quick to point out that India is ranked as the 4th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP) calculations by The International Monetary Fund and World Bank.


This section is devoted towards the study and practice of Hypnosis, and its application in everyday problems faced by everyone, the aim of introducing this section is to facilitate mental growth, peace, relaxation and harmony in everyday life.


This is a continuation of my last post BECOMING NON DUAL ; in this post I will try to answer some obvious questions and doubts which naturally arise in the minds of most persons, some common doubts are highlighted here. How many persons do you know who have become truly Non Dual? How do you know if a person is Non Dual? I have tried everything, all meditation techniques yet haven’t experienced Non Duality? What is the proper technique to achieve Non Duality? How do I know if I have achieved Non Duality? How do I benefit by becoming Non Dual?


A lot has been written about Advaita, which literally means Non Dual. The concept of Non Dualism was made popular by Adi Shankaracarya the eighth century Indian saint and philosopher. Since then other well-known philosophers like Ramana Maharshi have relentlessly st rived to tell the world that there is only one real state of existence, which is NON-DUALISM-THE ONLY REAL STATE .


Century 1 -26. Le grand du foudre tombe d'heure diurne, Mal & predit par porteur postulaire, Suyuant presage tombe d'heure nocturneConflit, Reims, Londres, Etrusque pestfere.


Century 10-. 74. Au reuolu du grand nombre septiesme, Apparoistra au temps ieux d'Hecatombe, Non esloigné du grand eage milliesme, Que les entrez sortiront de leur tombe. Century 10-74


The much-awaited Indian Budget 2010, the first for the Congress led United Progressive Alliance, owned by Sonia/Rahul and Priyanka is nothing but a step further for the enemies of Hinduism in their organized and meticulously planned campaign to eradicate the Hindu Religion. A simple glance at the union budget 2010 will be sufficient to answer the question-I S HINDUISM BEING DESTROYED?