These two Nostradamus Quatrains are in my opinion those mentioning the former Indian Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. India as a country did not exist in the times of Nostradamus. Hence, the usual European landmarks are missing. The meaning is clear, and these are not two isolated Quatrains but two adjoining ones.

Century 6- 74
Là dechassée au regne tournera,
Ses ennemis trouuez des coniurez :
Plus que iamais son temps triomphera.
Trois & septante à mort trop asseurez.
Century 6- 74
She chased out will return to the realm, Her enemies found to be conspirators: More than ever her time will triumph, Three and seventy to death very sure

This Quatrain of Nostradamus has been interpreted by me as the one mentioning the assassinated former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi lost the general election of 1977, in the aftermath of the Indian emergency. It was widely assumed that she had been permanently been driven out of politics However she returned victorious in the very next general elections of 1980.Here Nostradamus indicates that her enemies were the conspirators of her assassination. Indira Gandhi was 67 years old when she was assassinated, three and seventy should be taken as 70-3=67.

Does not sound convincing, does it? However let us take a look at the very next Quatrain; this one will clear things a bit.

Century 6-75
Le grand Pilot sera par Roy mandé,
Laisser la classe, pour plus haut lieu attaindre :
Sept ans apres sera contrebandé,
Barbare armée viendra Venise craindre.
Century 6-75
The great Pilot will be commissioned by the King, To leave the fleet to fill a higher post: Seven years after he will be in rebellion, Venice will come to fear the Barbarian army.

Indira Gandhi had groomed her son Rajiv Gandhi to become the future Prime Minister of India. Rajiv Gandhi was working for Indian Airlines as a professional pilot; it was only after the death of his younger brother Sanjay Gandhi who was the chosen heir that he entered politics.

Immediately after his mother’s death Rajiv Gandhi was appointed as the Prime Minister by the then President Zail Singh However he became involved in the Bofors kickbacks scandal, and other scandals and there was a rebellion in his party. He lost the next general election in 1989, his security level was downgraded and he was assassinated in 1991.The seven-year period has been clearly indicated by Nostradamus, Rajiv was assassinated about seven years after he became Prime Minister of India.

The barbarian army could refer to Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi army, as this was period of the first Iraqi war and there was widespread tension everywhere. The Venice connection could be the Iraqi town of Basra, called Venice of the East or Saddam’s Venice.

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