A great change has taken place in the evolution of the Hindu population of India, numbering over 90 cores and more than 80% of the population of India. The young Hindu of 2010 is undoubtedly the only real secular animal on the planet earth. This change has rapidly accelerated over the past decade and the momentum is such that it is near impossible to stop this flow. HINDUS ARE SHINNING.

One talks about secularism in U.S.A. or Europe but it is the young and educated Hindu the opinion maker of today, whether as an entrepreneur, company executive, a media person or government official who is the real secularist. This is just not idle backslapping, the change is so drastic that all one has to do is just look around, it is everywhere and for the whole world to see.

The old timers say that they experienced that sinking feeling when they saw Indira Gandhi, married to a Muslim/Parsi and Rajiv Gandhi half Hindu and married to an Italian Christian rule India. India thereafter has so rapidly changed and gone ahead that one does not give a second thought to Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra ruling India. Their bloodline, ancestry and religion is irrelevant what matters are that they are citizens of India. The old timers would be shivering in their graves, but what is real is these people are our democratically elected leaders of today and the future of tomorrow.

Then there is Manmohan Singh, a Sikh as the Prime Minister of India, lovingly called by young Hindus as Singh is King. We also have as our Vice President Hamid Ansari, a Muslim by faith. Then there are numerous other examples of non-Hindus in positions of power, as Governors, Ministers and so on that it is just not possible to name them, I would be writing a book if I were to do so. This speaks volumes about the secular credentials of young Hindus who elect non-Hindus to govern them.

This is not all, not so long ago Yusuf Khan had to change his name to Dilip Kumar to be accepted as an actor, there were also numerous others who also had to do so. The change has been so drastic that today the name Khan is a passport to success. The young Hindus of today have as their ideals and Gods Sharukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan and numerous other Khans. The unthinkable happened in Mumbai recently, for the first time a call and threat from the Shiv Sena Supremo Bal Thakeray was ignored and everyone flocked to see the film My Name is Khan.

The young Hindus ignored the Sena arguments that Sharukh Khan had a soft corner for Pakistani Cricketers and Singers. This proves that the young Hindus of today are not only Secular but also forgiving, another glowing example of this is the election of Mohammad Azaruddin as Member of Parliament, accused not so long ago of match fixing and betraying his country.

The entire world should applaud the young Hindus, the secular events happening in India are unthinkable even in those western countries which are known as the flag bearers of democracy, their egos or what they call self-respect would come in the way. I expect the young Hindus led by the Media going from strength to strength; they should ignore the taunts of the hardliner like impotent, Hijras [eunuchs] and go from strength to strength. HINDUS ARE SHINNING.

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  1. many hindus behave lilke that coz nowadays they lack sincerety and genunie feelings (meaning being simple and true to themselves and possessing strong passion and a backbone). They have become soft by worshipping too many softie gods and godesses and too little believing in themselves. This is because of the sinister western influenced education system and media adding to the general loss of pride in Hindus in their ancestors and lineage. This has also made them exceedingly selfish one that can be seen among slaves . The fact that majority of money stashed in swiss banks belongs to Indians (as vouched for by your own article here) clearly tells you that. Hindus, please arise and fight. We need to unite and fight. fighting for love of our timeless history and race and lineage of our glorious ancestors is not evil. It's genuineness of consience. not doing so, is hypocrisy and indication of thinnig of ones blood. Rise up and stand first for protecting your legacy then for the whole world. Besides our legacy does not say harm others or take away others rights. It's infact the most catholic and accomdating of all levels of existance on this earth.

  2. Nostradamus predition that came to pass in india...- century 1 Quatrain 27.. says =
    "Beneath the oak tree of Gienne, struck by lightning,
    the treasure is hidden not far from there.
    That which for many centuries had been gathered,
    when found, a man will die, his eye pierced by a spring."

    predicted treasure found in vault of the temple in kerala india ...which also had a curse if open the intervented well die and has came to pass in the advocate T P Sunderarajan 1964 batch IPS officer whose legal intervention led to stock-taking of sree padmanabha swamy temple in kerela india ...was passed away at about 12.45 am 30 meters from the shrine's west entrance . family source say he was in good health and suddenly became uneasy and feverish and collapsed


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