A large number of people from all walks of life have asked me these questions, time and again, so I feel that I must clarify a few points.
How are prophecies made?
Who can make prophecies?
Why are prophecies vague?
Do prophecies come true?

Prophecies can be made when one merges his entire being or life energy or the soul into the infinite or the universal energy. When one is able to merge into the infinite the past, present and future become one, it is in this state that PROPHECIES were and are being made by prophets.

The most famous prophet in history Nostradamus was able to make prophecies using his own unique method, described by me in THE SECRET METHOD OF NOSTRADAMUS.

The technique which was used by Nostradamus was “in the dead of the night when he would not be disturbed and when he could concentrate he would sit alone in a secret study which implies a room which was out of bonds for everyone, he wore a special gown and used a brass tripod filled with water and a rod to connect his body with the water in the brass tripod, he then sprinkled the water in the tripod on his gown and the force rose from the water into his body. Nostradamus could then see and hear the future in the water in the tripod, he could then feel it in his body and in this trance like state he wrote the quatrains.”.

The above method which was used by Nostradamus was one which triggered some sort of chain reaction in his entire being, by which he was able to merge into the infinite. I would advise you not to give much thought to this particular technique, as it was just some sort of trigger for Nostradamus. Other prophets most probably had other methods or triggers.

The most important thing to keep in mind when one is trying to merge into the infinite is to find the “trigger”, prophets in the past and even some in the present time were able to find their own unique trigger. This trigger can be found if one practices MEDITATION OF SILENCE, with utmost dedication.

Now a lot of people are skeptical about prophecies. Various arguments are made about the vagueness of these prophecies. There might be some merit in this argument, but here I must point out that what Nostradamus described of the future was a few centuries back in time, so also with the other prophets of the past. One must remember what they were describing did not exist in their time, which probably answers the question about the vague descriptions about the prophecies made in the past.

Thus the most important thing is how the prophecies made in the past are interpreted, while interpreting prophecies one must not let your prejudices come into play, the interpretations should always be made with a balanced mind.

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  1. Is that mantras work for a non-hindu?

  2. All effective mantras are in SANSKRIT. This is the most suitable language for our brains. Even if you don't understand Sanskrit or as You call being a 'non-Hindu', you will get effect by pronouncing it correctly and in a certain pace. By the way Hindu is a way of life. Eons ago all over the world it was a common way to experience life.


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