Narendra Modi will bring Acche Din - Nostradamus

The prophecy made by Nostradamus in the Quatrain given here had been previously attributed to the name and identity of the, third Antichrist. However, this prediction could also refer to another person, the one who delivers a great nation and people from repression, bondage, exploitation and abuse and the one who is not necessarily the third Antichrist. The Nostradamus prophecy could also refer to Narendra Modi, seen by many Indians as the one to bring back the “Acche Din”. Acche Din or Good Days will come back once again, was the election slogan and promise of Modi.

Nostradamus- Century 2 – Quatrain – 28 – There are two ways in which this Nostradamus prophecy can be interpreted, I have examined both the interpretation.
“The one having the last but one of the Prophets Name having Monday as his day of rest will strive to free a great nation from crises”
“The one with the penultimate name of the Prophet will take Monday as his rest day; He will wander far because of a frantic head and deliver the great people from subjection”

The identity of the Prophet described by Nostradamus in the prophecy as stated in the earlier post is none other than Nostradamus himself.

The name Nostradamus should be taken as also stated in the earlier post on the, the third Antichrist as “Nostradom” and not Nostradamus, because that is the way it was actually pronounced during the life and times of Nostradamus. The name Nostradom is to be taken as the penultimate name by which the Prophet was known as before his present name Nostradamus.

The name of the Prophet contains the code to the identity of this person described in this prophecy. The words “NaMo” the popular nickname of Narendra Modi is contained in the name of the Prophet.

One does not know about the rest day of Narendra Modi or his holy day or the day of fasting of the week. One knows that he had wandered far, including to the Himalayas, trying to find his true destiny. One hopes this Nostradamus prediction refers to Narendra Modi and he brings Acche Din to the desperate Indian.

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