Artificial Sea in Future Outer Space Settlements

The high orbiting cylinder and Fullball world settlements had what many down on Earth might consider invonveniences, such as no farmed animals or pets, (which might messily not do well in light weights and other artificial living conditions here). Also rocket rides up had been expensive. In contrast, the geostationary cable lift would now let folks move up much cheaper.

The investors group starting the settlements had taken a chance that there would be more than enough liberal thinking often young adults interested in trying such very different (vegetarian) living, so that such settlements would fill up.

They had been very correct. Not much of a surprise. It had needed under a scant .0001% minimum from all on Earth to fill them, then .0002% after the first Fullball world expansion. Such tiny fractional percentages had easily allowed limiting those who the investors and their assigned helpers carefully approved and permitted to move into the settlements, to be only the most safely supportive and the most truly greatly interested in such new future long-term easy living, nicer than back down on Earth.

Such settlements had several unique good fun living niceties many liked, such as fractional weight very easy living, being robotically well served almost free, with their robotically formed homes etc. costing little outside of giving the investors some help on assigned sometimes interesting & creative subtasks.

More settlers had been growing more interested in having special wildlife refuges formed nearby in orbit. (They could be useful in the far future to save many Earth life forms as Sol overheats Earth.) The most favored interesting idea had become forming an artificial sea for a variety of sea and island life. Then settlers could enjoy trips to the islands, getting special fun tastes of life on islands and near their beaches. Now having a geostationary cable lift would let all needed ocean water be sent up at very low cost. Cargo vessels could be given hundreds to thousands of trips to carry up enough at low cost.

This was discussed by the settlements investors group with some Earth sea life biologists, since establishing sea life habitats was quite outside the backgrounds of the investors. Many surprised folks on Earth found the reported proposal most interesting. So, form in space big long-term refuges for Earth sea and islands life? Wow! How about that! Nice!

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