Bigger Cylinder Space Settlements - 2

To continue robotic construction of the bigger replacement high orbiting cylinder settlement, a cable network was formed inside it, ultimately able to sustain introduced good breathable air raised to our normal standard 1Atm air pressure. Also this sustained the centrifugal force weights from the cylinder finally given the desired rotation speed, to become good for about 1/5 Earth-like weights in its pair of homes levels.

Comparable with the original cylinder settlement, the lower formed 15 levels were filled with effective soil areas for robotically farmed food plants, along the now doubled cylinder length 8km. (These would even help a bit by blocking some cosmic rays which might pass through the outer maybe 2m thick shielding and heat insulation layer.) Formed higher above these layers were a couple layers for manufacturing and business places. Formed still higher within them were two levels for homes, each home in about a 20m square at the 100m radius between the two homes levels. Above the homes levels was formed a big open internal cylinder effective park with play areas, also with more features including a couple nicely fractional weight wading & swimming pools.

To move here, serving robots packed all you wanted, to be taken to a lift at the old cylinder world axis end. This was all raised to load virtually weightless into a simple vessel to be lightly tossed to then quickly reach the nearest axis end of the new nearby bigger cylinder. Once there, you'd soon enter a lift (starting weightless). It lowered you down to your new homes level. Robots helped deliver everything with you into your new home.

Inside this new bigger cylinder settlement, like in the old one, near the central park axis ends had been formed faster turning running track rings, to let you sometimes jump from under 1/5 Earth weights up into one, and usefully exercise running around for about effective full Earth weights. (Running direction conveniently then gave you a bit less, or a bit heavier useful effective exercising weight.) 2m up inside the tracks had also been formed some floors you could climb up to, having benches etc. for non-running almost Earth-weight exercising.

Formed up around parts of the central axis length were some long net cylinder play cages for almost weightless playful fun jumping and swinging around with friends, and bouncing back from the net, or even air swimming, such as by using opened hand fans. 100m ropes hung down from just outside such net play cages ends let folks quite easily pull up to them, (with weights declining from under 1/5 Earth weights, to 0 effective cylinder spun weight up at the axis).

Some, especially the children, might sometimes grab such a rope end, then run and pull up enough to have easy fun nicely swinging partly around above the central park surface. (Running opposite against the whole cylinder settlement spin would give them lighter easy rope swung weights.)

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