Daily Good Life in Outer Space

More and more settlers, increasingly enjoying their good living in the high orbiting settlements, wanted to provide interested folks back on Earth with additional ways to view more which would nicely show-off their happy good easy fun living up here, ever more advanced and easy, in contrast to old Earth surface traditional often tedious laboring human living. Daily easy living at home gave good examples. Views were collected within the Fullball world high settlement showing folks maybe enjoying friends and visitors at most comfortable light weights in homes cylinders, at merely light fractions of Earth surface gravity.

Sometimes they would be (lightly) seated very comfortably relaxed watching a good wall screen giving nice entertainments or news or educational or science programs, such as some presenting quite interesting explanations of many well organized studies of the Solar system, of biochemistry, and much more. Their efficient not big robots would quietly quickly serve them any wanted prepared meals or snacks &/or drinks.

Earth folks could watch them enjoying some time with others inside the inner yards between the homes around both ends of the robotically made normal homes cylinders. It was interesting to see some jump not extremely hard up or down between a yard and a 2nd level balcony of a home. And always when moving about, this showed all was very easy, and not fast at merely fractional weights.

Such yards often had nice pretty flowering plants. Also they had fruit bushes and small trees. Earth viewers could see it was quite easy almost fun to jump up as high as needed, not very fast, to easily grab any higher fruit. And thanks to fractional weights, such fruits grew temptingly bigger than would grow down on full gravity Earth, while having been bred with the nicest flavors.

Or when wanting some playing, like in parks on Earth, they could go to a parks cylinder, including for swimming in pools there. Such parks cylinders would at times be spun enough more to give effective weights about like Earth surface gravity. So settlers could enjoy playing some sports like occured on Earth. But most of the time the parks would be spun just enough to provide light effective weights at most comfortable easy fractions of down on Earth.

Shown briefly were some farms cylinders, with some fruits and vegetables being robotically collected for distributions into settlers' homes. This was of course much nicer, virtually free, vs. paying Earth prices for traditional farmed food.

Some tempting parties were shown in the central play section of normal homes cylinders, with easy weights 1/10 of down on Earth. Children could be tossed up to the axis to enjoy playing some there virtually weightless. (This became tempting to Earth children watching and envying such unique party fun.)

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