Mansa Devi Mantra to Cure Mumps

Mumps was a very feared and dreaded epidemic in the past. In the modern times the Mumps Virus, which causes this epidemic has been brought under control, by means of preventive vaccines.   The practitioners of Mantra – Tantra in the middle age, in India experienced that this disease could be controlled and relief could be given to the sufferer using an invocation mantra of Mansa Devi.

In this post, I have given one such invocation mantra of Mansa Devi, which was and is still in use in treating people suffering from mumps. Mumps known a Galgand, Kanthamala, Gandamala or Galasua in Hindi stills affects certain sections of the Indian population due to the lack of the availability of health care facilities and preventive measures.

The experiment is simple and the practitioner holds some Coconut Oil in a small utensil in his hand and then chants this mantra 11 times. This infuses the Coconut Oil with the mantra and then the Oil is applied on the body parts affected by mumps.

An Indian invocation mantra to cure mumps
Mansa Devi Mantra to Cure Mumps

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