Cause of Past Life Reincarnation

Past life Reincarnation, if one goes by the advise of Indian Spiritualists, is a continuous and unending process. There is a systematic and methodical continuity, akin to that of a product on the assembly line of a manufacturing plant. This process goes on and on till the final finished product is created.  On the assembly line the  final product has to undergo numerous changes on it way to become the final finished product.

Thus the continuous process of past life reincarnation has to possess a “continuity” element, in order to enable and cause this unending process to keep on and on unfolding.  This continuity element is obviously not the body for it keeps changing and finally perishes and decays. The continuity element cannot be a creation of the thought process because it is again the outcome of  cause and effect which the body is continuously bombarded with, throughout its existence.

The continuity element cannot be something created or fed into the ego, it cannot be something of the “me” or “mine” because this me and mine also perish with the physical body, like all the thoughts and emotions which are in a continuous state of change; not always for the better.

So what is this continuity element which is central not only to past life reincarnation; but also the existence of life in the Universe. You can call this element God or its counterpart of the scientific community; the God Particle.

The gap between Spiritualism and science starts blurring with advancement in science. Those who created the Large Hadron Collider; history biggest scientific experiment; are in fact trying to find God; something which Spiritualists commenced thousands of years back in time.


  1. sir tell me to change bad karma into good because of past life reincarnation.

  2. Brilliant article, Sir. Please keep up the divine work!

  3. If you want to find the secret of all secrets (mysteries of the creation) then there is a book written in the earliest 20th century (100 years ago) by Abdrushin with the title: "In The Light Of Truth (The Grail Message)".

    It contains all secrets of the universe.


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