Gayatri Mantra for having Baby Boy

The Gayatri Mantra is said to be beneficial for those couples who are desirous of having a baby boy. The Gayatri Mantra Sadhana given here is a slight variation with the Samput of the Yam यं Beej added to the end of the normal Gayatri Mantra. Though I have said it before birth and death is in the hands of God; I am nevertheless giving this Sadhana for those who wish to perform it.

The couple should purchase a photo or image of Gayatri Mata; in which the Goddess is wearing White Colored Clothes and install this image in their home by offering it scented flowers, Dhoop or Agarbattis and a Diya of Pure Ghee and some White Colored Mithai; which can after sometime be eaten or distributed as Prasad.

Every day they should have a bath and wear clean clothes and then chant the Gayatri Mantra; with the Yam Samput at the end of the mantra 108 times with total devotion and sincerity; use a counting rosary of Sandalwood Beads.

On Sundays the couple should consume white colored food like rice, milk and other white colored food substances.

The lady should avoid this Sadhana during her monthly cycle.

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  1. Sir pls give mantra in detail. thx.

    1. This is a detailed post; all that you have to do is add Yam at the end of the Gayatri Mantra.

  2. dear sir, can this mantra also be recited alone and also just recited without worshipping the idol.
    I have also read in many places that gayathri mantra should not be recited by women. Is this true?

  3. sir
    what is the mean of "yam samput" plz reply.
    Thank You

  4. Sir,before some days you have given same remedy with different word that is "yai" at the begining of Gayatri mantra.So please kindly make clear my confusion that which remedy have to be followed.

    1. All the Gayatri Mantra remedies are variations of the same basic Gayatri Mantra for specific purposes.

  5. Thanks sir.Means anyone can do "yai"samput Gayatri mantra upaay for having male child.
    Also, after how many days couple have to try for child.Are there any other instructions or tithis,nakshatras,etc for this?

    1. All the necessary details are given in the article, what is not needed is not mentioned.
      The Samput is Yam यं.
      The Couple can try this Mantra Sadhana as long as they wish.


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