Laxmi Yakshini Mantra Sadhana for Wealth

The Hindu Tantric Scriptures have listed a Yakshni known as the Laxmi Yakshini. She is described as being a young and beautiful girl of about 18 to 19 years old, of fair complexion and; Harinikshi [ Dow-Eyed]. She holds a Lotus Flower in both the hands. If she is pleased with the Sadhak she showers all kinds of wealth upon him and if angry makes him poor. Today I will explain how the Sadhak can invoke her through a secretive Mantra Sadhana.

During the period of the Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra [Latter Beautiful Foot] the Sadhak has to prepare an Ashtadhatu Murti [an idol prepared from an alloy of eight different metals] of the Laxmi Yakshini; resembling the description given above.

The Sadhana is commenced in the morning at 4.00 AM. The place where the Sadhana is to be performed has to be extremely clean and pure; it should not be frequented by any person with malefic intentions or any woman having her Monthly Periods. It has to be washed and Dhoop of Sandalwood Incense has to be rotated over the place.

The Murti has to be installed by washing it with Ganga Jal. Then a Tilak of Kesar and Kasturi has to be applied of the forehead of the idol. The Sadhak has to be seated on a Kusha Grass Sitting Mat. He has to wear Pitambari Colored Clothes [a darkish yellow shade]. A Tulsi Bead Mala has to be used for the purpose of counting the Mantra Chants.

A Wealth and Money giving Mantra for the blessings of the Laxmi Yakshini
Laxmi Yakshini Mantra

Then the Sadhak has to install a mental image of the Laxmi Yakshini Murti in his heart and chant the Mantra 108 times. He has to keep a few Ladoos made from Bhang [Cannabis] in front of him. This entire Sadhana has to be followed everyday for 31 days.

If the Sadhak succeeds in invoking the Laxmi Yakshini; before her arrival there is Pomp and Fanfare; like that which precedes the arrival of a Queen.  When she manifests, there is total silence. As it is impossible to visualize the Laxmi Yakshini with the human senses; she gives the Sadhak her Darshan in his dream and blesses him.

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  1. Sir can you please tell me about apsara s
    I have read many blogs in many websites.
    So please tell us all everything about Apsara and how to do their sadhna.

  2. What to do with the bhang ladoo after the Pooja.

    1. Like all used Pooja items, these too have to be immersed in flowing water, like a river, sea or canal.

    2. Neel sir. Its is said that all these yakshini sadhna get success if it is done in lonely places like deep forest or a hill top. Does this sadhna give results if it is done at home?

    3. That requirement is different for each Sadhana and is specifically mention in the respective articles.

  3. hello sir Neel is that you do the ocnsultation of 1 question of past relationship is still a fresh more or less link where i can ask pay regards

  4. Hello dear Neelsir, Hope you are well. It's little tricky here. AshatDhatu Murti- Now, I can't make metal idol at home--(one can make clay idol at home but not metal) it has to be made at the people who makes metal idols- as it has to be melted.. so, the question is - can we order this kind of murti from the manufacturer? Then once it is arrived, can start sadhna in the specific nakshatra mentioned? Please guide...Thanks in advance...

    1. It is very difficult to make a Murti at home, hence, you can order or purchase an Ashta Dhatu Murti and install it as described in this post for this Mantra Sadhana.


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