Paranormal Remedies using Umbilical Cord

The Umbilical Cord is what physically connects a new born baby to its mother. It normally dries out a few days after birth and then separates from the body. A couple of most interesting paranormal Indian remedies are carried on in secrecy by some practitioners of the Tantra in India; using the Umbilical Cord of a new born infant by recovering it quickly after it drops off from the body. Then it is used as a Tantrik Item for the experiments given below.

1] The dried Umbilical Cord is powdered and secretly mixed in some eatable and then, the eatable is given to a Barren Woman to eat. This is done without the knowledge of the Barren Woman. There is a strong paranormal belief that doing so will make her conceive.

2] The Umbilical Cord is kept securely and safely at an elevated location in the home of the child. This the Tantra says ensures that the child; even as he or she starts growing up, remains attached to the house and does not run away from the home.

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